Straight out of camera, with no Photoshop trickery, just a single strobe light a…

## Capturing Unaltered Moments in Photography

In the world of photography, the ability to capture an unaltered moment is highly sought after. With the advancement of technology, especially in the realm of digital manipulation, the art of capturing unaltered photography has become increasingly challenging. However, there are photographers who still hold true to this art form, relying solely on their camera and lighting techniques to produce stunning, unedited images. One such individual is @erikvphoto, who has mastered the craft of creating captivating images straight out of the camera, without any Photoshop trickery.

### Embracing the Camera’s Potential

Erik Valind’s photography is a testament to the belief that the true art of photography lies not in post-processing manipulations, but in the skillful use of the camera and lighting equipment. His ability to control time and motion with just a single strobe light and an LED is truly remarkable. By harnessing the full potential of his equipment, he is able to freeze motion and create mesmerizing images that tell a story in a single frame.

### The Gear Behind the Art

In one particular instance, Valind utilized a Nikon D850 camera equipped with a Tamron 24-70mm G2 lens to capture a captivating image. Shot at .6 seconds with an aperture of F11 and an ISO of 320, the resulting photograph is a testament to his mastery of utilizing the fundamental elements of photography to achieve breathtaking results.

### Manipulating Time and Motion

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The innovative use of shutter drag and time control techniques allowed Valind to freeze the motion of a boxer in a dynamic and visually striking image. This level of artistry showcases the power of photography in capturing a precise moment and immortalizing it in a single frame. The image not only demonstrates Valind’s technical expertise, but also his ability to convey a narrative through his work.

### The Role of Lighting

Central to Valind’s photography is the skilled use of lighting. Through his command of a single strobe light and an LED, he is able to manipulate and control the flow of light to suit his creative vision. By mastering these lighting techniques, he can capture the essence of the moment with precision, creating visually arresting images with an unaltered, raw quality.

### Showcasing the Artistry

Through sharing his skills on platforms like CreativeLive, Erik Valind not only demonstrates his aptitude for capturing unaltered moments in photography, he also empowers and educates aspiring photographers. His dedication to teaching and sharing his expertise ensures that the art of unaltered photography continues to thrive and inspire a new generation of creatives.

### Embracing Authenticity in Photography

In an era where digital manipulation has become the norm, the work of photographers like Erik Valind serves as a refreshing reminder of the beauty and authenticity that can be achieved through unaltered photography. Valind’s dedication to his craft highlights the power of harnessing the full potential of camera equipment and lighting techniques to produce captivating images straight out of the camera.

### Conclusion

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Erik Valind’s ability to capture unaltered moments in photography is a testament to the enduring power of traditional techniques in the digital age. By mastering the art of controlling time and motion with just a camera and lighting equipment, he continues to inspire and educate the photography community. Through his work, he emphasizes the raw beauty and authenticity that can be achieved in unaltered photography, setting a standard for excellence in the art form.