Soak in the Natural Jacuzzi in the middle of the Rice Fields of Mount Peyek Bogor

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Travel Blog Indonesia – The Mount Kapur Ciseeng area in Bogor is already known as a tourist spot as well as a hot spring on the border of Bogor and South Tengerang. However, who would have thought that Ciseeng Bogor also had hidden tours that were extraordinarily beautiful. This location is called by residents as the hot springs of Mount Peyek Ciseeng Bogor.

There are three holes that form a natural pool of hot water that flows throughout the year. The smell of sulfur is commonplace from this hidden tourist location. From a distance, it looks like a white mound of limestone mountain which is the origin of why this place is called Mount Peyek. Until now, this area has not been opened as a public tourist spot considering its location is quite difficult and must be traversed on foot in the middle of rice fields.

This Anti Mainstream Jacuzzi Can Release Your Tiredness

Hot water is very beneficial for the human body. Especially when the body feels tired and achy. One of the natural therapies to restore body fitness and stretch stiff and tight muscles, one of which is by soaking in hot water. You will immediately feel the benefits, also the sulfur has properties to cure skin diseases.

Hidden Jacuzzi on the Border of South Tangerang and Bogor

The location of Mount Peyek Hot Springs is indeed not too far from the Tirta Sanita hot spring tourist spot. It’s just that the location has no clear signs yet. Some of the travelers who have visited the Ciseeng Jacuzzi pool, on average, ask residents for help to show them the way in exchange for sincere tips. It would be better if you ask permission from the RT or RW in the area of ​​Mount Peyek Ciseeng, Bogor.

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Only in Ciseeng, a Natural Jacuzzi in the Middle of Pematang Sawah

Road access is not possible for four-wheeled vehicles to pass. No doubt, some travelers choose to use two-wheeled vehicles or walk from the highway to get to the location of Mount Peyek Ciseeng, Bogor. During the rainy season like this it is not advisable to visit here, because the location is in the middle of a rice field so it is very prone to striking lightning. Choose a suitable time in the summer in the morning or late in the evening when the sun is not above the crown at all.

Benefits of a hot bath that is believed to be healthy for the body

The path to Mount Peyek will be easily traversed in the summer or dry season. Unfortunately, if you come during the rainy season in February like this time, where the rain intensity is high, get ready with non-slip and non-slip footwear. Because the road terrain is difficult and muddy due to rain. However, locations like this are never to discourage you from visiting here. Really worth it!

Ciseeng Bogor is not only famous for its Kapur Mountain

Mount Peyek is behind the TNI nuclear complex. Apart from rarely knowing tourists, residents are also not very active in promoting because it may be considered an ordinary natural phenomenon. In fact, the hot springs of Mount Peyek have a very promising tourism potential for local residents if only access to this hidden tourist location is fixed and improved.

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Tips for Getting to Mount Peyek Ciseeng Hot Springs, Bogor

  • Some residents say that this place is sacred and sacred. So, you better be able to maintain manners and manners, especially respecting the local people.
  • This location is clearly not yet opened as a public tourist spot. You must bring the trash you brought home. Take care of the environment. Don’t ever want to be labeled as an alay traveler.
  • Vandalism is clearly prohibited, for whatever reason. Media such as this limestone mountain is not worthy of your scribbling on the grounds of leaving memories with your partner. That’s your new name, Alay.
  • This location is most easily accessed via the Jorr toll exit at the Pamulang or Serpong exit gate. Then follow the road to victor through to Bukit Dago to Ciseeng Bogor.
  • The South Tangerang line is in a lot of damage and crazy traffic! You should use a tall vehicle and avoid using this type of sedan.
  • From Bogor it can be accessed via a new road going to the Parung market then Prumpung.
  • Get ready to bet patience in the Parung Market area. Apart from the many angkot, at certain hours this route is indeed very congested with large vehicles passing by.
  • Bring supplies and bathing equipment. After visiting Mount Peyek, there is nothing wrong with visiting the VIP Tirta Sanita Hot Spring. The price is very affordable, especially for women who wear hijab who need privacy.

Guide to Mount Peyek Ciseeng Jacuzzi, Bogor
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