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One of the beaches that is located closest to the city center of Pekalongan. The first time I came here I didn’t expect too high, because I asked several taxol drivers about the condition of this beach. Most of their answers were almost the same, namely ‘the beach is not that good, mba’. Well yeah, when I got here and saw the condition of the beach, you can understand why the taxol driver said that, if you compare it to the south coast, it’s still good for the south coast. Forget your thoughts about playing on the beach sand and chasing the waves. In my opinion, what kind of place is this place more like? Dam times yes. On the edge of the beach there is a kind of barrier / wall (?) As usual at the edge of the dam, then there is a pile of rocks then sea water. Yep, direct sea water, without beach sand, maybe this is because the beach has experienced abrasion (CMIIWW). When I came here it happened to be near Maghrib so the waves were a bit high, the wind was strong but there were lots of fishing on the shoreline, it was really good. Due to time constraints, I can’t explore this place more, it’s a shame even though I love beaches, sea and water. Oh yeah, you can come here by taxol, the entry fee is not too expensive, just around 2500-3000.
Next time, if invited again, want to come here again. Explore things that can’t be explored when you are here for the first time. Oh yeah, it looks like this beach is not getting too much government attention idk, maybe I don’t know

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