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Siung Beach is a natural tourist attraction located in Purwodadi Village, Tepus District, Gunung Kidul Regency, Yogyakarta. The location is approximately 70 km from the city of Yogyakarta. Although this beach has been visited by many visitors, the cleanliness of the beach and sea is maintained.

This tourist destination is also surrounded by beautiful high cliffs. Of course it is a very suitable place to be a tourist destination with friends, family, or a partner. Interestingly, it turns out that Siung Beach already has 250 rock climbing routes with international standards.

There is a cliff that towers from east to west which is similar to the shape of a monkey’s teeth or in Javanese it is also known as Siung Wanara. That is what underlies the name of this beach. This information is based on the stories of local residents with various myths that have developed on this Siung Beach.

Siung Beach is arguably located quite close to other beaches in the south of Yogyakarta, such as Wedi Ombo Beach, Kukup Beach, Nglambor Beach, Kawuru Beach, and Sepanjang Beach. All of these beach destinations are separated only by high cliffs.

Entrance ticket prices at Siung Beach

The entrance fee to Siung Beach is IDR 10,000 / person. This price includes retribution fees for Nglambor Beach and Jogan Beach. If you bring a vehicle, you can park it in the available parking area at a cost of IDR 2,000 / motorbike or IDR 5,000 / car. However, if you plan to camp and park the vehicle for a long time, an additional fee will be charged.

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There are several routes to get to Siung Beach, namely:

1. From the City of Yogjakarta

You can enter from Jalan Piyungan then head for Wonosari, continue south towards Baron Beach. Not far from there, about 9 km, there is a T-junction in Mulo Village, then go straight towards Baron Beach, then enter the Mentel – Bintaos – Tepus – Winangun T-junction. After that, turn right towards Siung Beach.

The distance traveled from Wonosari to Siung Beach is approximately 40 km, the road conditions in some places are rather narrow, winding, and the median fluctuates so that it will make the trip feel longer.

2. Alternative route from Yogyakarta City

Going towards Wonosari, continue heading to Mulo Village, then from the Mulo T-junction straight ahead towards Baron Beach. With a distance of approximately 1 km before Baron Beach, there is a T-junction, then you can turn left to Kukup Beach, then Sepanjang Beach – Drini Island – Krakal Beach – Sundak Beach, until you arrive at Indrayanti Beach, continue to Tepus Village then from Winangun T-junction turn right towards Siung Beach. Actually this distance is farther and takes longer than the first route, but the advantage you get is that you can go along other beaches around Gunung Kidul.

3. From Klaten

Enter the direction of Semanu – Giripanggung – Sumberwungu – Klayu – Gude – Blekonang – Winangun until then arrive at Siung Beach. You can also use the route from Giripanggung – Cuelo to the south – Winangun – then arrive at Siung Beach.

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4. From Solo

Move from the direction of Praci, then take the road towards Rangkop District or Baran District. After that, continue towards Nglindur in the south, then you will be faced with a T-junction before the Ngrancah market, turn right from there to enter the Jepitu Market. Then continue straight towards the Winangun T-junction, turn left, and arrive at Siung Beach.

5. Alternative route from Solo

You can go east or north towards Song Banyu or Sadeng Beach, then after finding a T-junction, turn right towards the Ngrancah Market. You can also turn left towards Sadeng Beach, then head to Pasar Jepitu, go straight until the Winangun T-junction, then turn left to arrive at Siung Beach.

Tourism Object on Siung Beach

1. Rock Climbing

In 1989 the coral around Siung Beach was used by nature lovers from Japan to do rock climbing activities. Until now, the Yogyakarta government continues to develop rock climbing activities that have the potential to become a tourist attraction.

Interestingly, this tourist destination has also been used as a place for rock climbing competitions in the framework of the ASEAN Climbing Gathering where the participants reached 250 people and came from several European and Asian countries. That way, this beach is nicknamed Siung beach, The Best Rock Climbing Site in Yogyakarta.

2. Camping

For visitors who want to enjoy the beauty of Siung Beach longer, you can set up a tent in the camping area that has been provided, which is in the eastern part of the beach. When dusk falls, you can see the beautiful view of the sunset with the gentle breeze, the sound of the waves, and the distinctive scent of the ocean.

When night falls, you can enjoy the view of the wide sky with a beautiful sprinkling of stars if it’s not cloudy. In this camping area, there are also houses on stilts that are used to see the sea view so that it has a wider reach. This house on stilts can accommodate up to 15 visitors.

3. Seeing the Monkey

Not only is the flora and scenery beautiful, on top of the cliff there is also a group of monkeys that will come down to the beach if the beach conditions are quiet. Don’t worry, these monkeys won’t bother you as long as you don’t bother them either. You can take pictures with the monkeys but from a distance, be careful with luggage if you want to see the monkeys up close.

4. Playing on the white sand beach

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Like doing activities on the beach in general, you can relax under a tree while listening to the waves and the land wind, take pictures, play water with friends, and make games or draw something on the sand.

5. Climbing the Hill

You can also explore the banks of Siung Beach to the east to climb a hill. There is already a path that can be used by visitors so that it shortens our time and makes it easier for visitors if they want to arrive at the top of the hill.

It is advisable for tourists to still be careful when climbing because there is a steep and steep ravine next to it. From the top of this hill we can see the view of Siung Beach as a whole and is a suitable spot to watch the sunset.

6. Take a photo

Don’t forget to capture the best moments at Siung Beach. The Best Rock Climbing Site in Yogyakarta this one definitely has the best photo spots that you must capture the moment considering that nowadays taking pictures / updates is a must in a tourist activity. In fact, on holidays or weekends, many photographers come to find the best photo spots on Siung Beach.

These various tourist spots will certainly not be felt directly if you don’t visit them yourself. So, determine a suitable date and time for a vacation, see for yourself the beauty of Siung Beach firsthand!


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