Shiraito Falls (Fukuoka)

Shiraito Falls: A Serene Escape on the Itoshima Peninsula

The Itoshima Peninsula, located near the source of the Kawatsuki River, is home to the breathtaking Shiraito Falls. With its 24-meter cascade resembling white threads flowing down rocks, this natural wonder is a sight to behold. Although the falls attract visitors throughout the year, they are particularly popular during the hot summer months when they provide a refreshing and cool escape from the heat.

How to Get There

Getting to Shiraito Falls is convenient and can be done by train, bus, or car. If you prefer public transportation, you can take the bus bound for Shiraito from the south exit of Chikuzen-Maebaru Station on the JR Chikuhi Line. From the last stop, it is only a 30-minute walk to the falls. Alternatively, if you choose to drive, it will take approximately an hour from central Fukuoka City to reach your destination.

Opening the Falls

Every year in early June, a festival is held to officially open the falls, although they can be visited at any time. During the opening ceremony, the facilities at the base of the waterfall become accessible to the public. One of the highlights of this event is the opportunity to try nagashi somen, a traditional Japanese dish. Visitors can catch cold noodles with chopsticks as they flow down a hollow bamboo halfpipe, providing a unique and interactive dining experience.

Easy Fishing

For children and those who enjoy fishing, Shiraito Falls offers several pools filled with yamame fish. Fishing rods are provided, making it easy for visitors to try their hand at catching these fish. The yamame fish can also be ordered from the restaurant located at the base of the falls. Once caught, they are grilled and served with a dusting of salt, providing a delicious and satisfying meal.

Fukuoka Prefectural Treasure

In front of Shiraito Falls stands a magnificent 300-year-old Banryu maple tree. During the fall season, this tree puts on a spectacular show as its leaves transform from green to vibrant shades of red. The Banryu maple tree has been designated as a Fukuoka Prefectural Treasure, highlighting its cultural and historical significance.

Explore Itoshima Peninsula

While visiting Shiraito Falls, take the opportunity to explore the scenic Itoshima Peninsula. With its stunning landscapes and picturesque views, this peninsula offers a range of attractions for nature enthusiasts. One such attraction is the Itoshima Hanto, a beautiful coastal area known for its sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters. Another must-visit destination is Kiyomizu Falls, renowned for its magnificent waterfall and tranquil surroundings. These attractions, along with many others, make the Itoshima Peninsula an ideal destination for those seeking a peaceful and idyllic getaway.

Plan Your Visit

Before planning your trip to Shiraito Falls, it is important to note that the information provided may be subject to change due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, it is advisable to check for any updates or restrictions before making your travel arrangements.

In conclusion, Shiraito Falls on the Itoshima Peninsula is a natural wonder that offers visitors a serene and refreshing escape. With its cascading white threads and the opportunity to try nagashi somen, this destination provides a unique and memorable experience. Whether you choose to visit during the opening festival, enjoy easy fishing with your family, or simply appreciate the beauty of the Banryu maple tree, Shiraito Falls is sure to leave a lasting impression. Combine your visit with exploration of the Itoshima Peninsula, and you will have a truly unforgettable journey.

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460-6 Shiraito, Itoshima-shi, Fukuoka-ken

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