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The Island of the Gods is indeed very well known for its cultural and natural tourism. For natural tourism that is often offered besides Lake Batur is the beach. There are lots of new beaches that have been opened for tourists to visit Bali.

One of the beaches that are well known by foreign tourists is Seminyak Beach. Therefore, people who visit here will see that there are lots of resorts and restaurants built around the beach area.

Seminyak Beach is included in the beach that is still rarely visited by tourists. However, in this area it will be very easy to find places to eat and have territory Eating street. In this place there is also a western food restaurant.

In addition, this white sand beach can be used to watch the sunset. Accompanied by the waves and breezy wind, it can add to the comfort of visitors when watching the sunset in this area.

Ticket prices for entering the beach area

There is good news for visitors who are interested in going to this place, because you will be able to enter the tourist area of ​​Seminyak Beach free of charge. In other words, you only need to prepare a fee to take advantage of other facilities on Seminyak Beach.

Seminyak Beach is very close to if you go through Ngurah Rai Airport, which is 9.7 km and with a duration of approximately 26 minutes. This beach is more precisely located in the northern part of Double Six Beach.

The sequence of roads that must be taken is Jalan Airport Ngurah Rai, Jalan By Pass Ngurah Rai to the north, Jalan Sunset Road, Jalan Kunti I, Jalan Camplung Tanduk, Jalan Sarinande. Follow the main road from Jalan Sarinande, then visitors will arrive at Seminyak Beach.

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Seminyak Beach

1. Swimming

Water activities that can be done at each beach are swimming, bathing, or playing water with friends and family. All of that will be very interesting to do on this Seminyak Beach.

This beach has white sand, so even during the day, the sand won’t feel hot. So you can play water to your heart’s content in this place without having to use footwear.

2. Bask

For foreign tourists who crave exotic brown skin, Seminyak Beach is a tourist paradise. Therefore, in this place there are many chairs for sunbathing.

3. Viewing the Sunset

Like most beaches in Bali, in this place you will be able to enjoy the beautiful scenery at sunset. Don’t forget to always capture moments like this, because the resulting photos will be very spectacular.

You can use the photo to be uploaded to your Instagram account. The gradation offered is a very beautiful combination of blue and orange, so this is indeed the biggest opportunity for photo hunting.

4. Lodging around Seminyak Beach

If you are a backpacker, then the accommodation that is suitable for you is Grandmas Plus Hotel Seminyak. In this place, you only need to spend Rp. 500,000. Lodging with a price like this is included very cheap, especially for those located close to the beach.

Visitors who stay here will get facilities in the form of free breakfast, bar, swimming pool and restaurant. Most of the tourists who stay at this place come from foreign countries.

5. Taste the Food at MoonLite Kitchen and Bar

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In this restaurant, visitors will be able to see Seminyak Beach from a height. There are lots of menus offered at this place. For example, the western style menu and the traditional menu. All the food is packaged in a very attractive form.

In this place, visitors will also be able to see the beautiful sunset while tasting the food and drinks that are there. Even here, you will be able to order desserts. One of the most famous desserts is cheese cake.

6. East Child Beach Warung

For those of you who like drinks sold on the beach, you can try buying drinks at this place. In this place, tourists will be able to buy ice packaged complete with coconut skin. In addition there are also dawet ice drinks.

Drinks like that are very suitable to drink as a thirst quencher. In fact, this place has also received positive responses from people who have bought at that place. This place offers drinks at very affordable prices and also the sellers are very friendly to buyers.

7. Taste the Food at Chez Gado Gado Restaurant

This one restaurant is extraordinary. Almost all the menus sold at various other restaurants are all here. Starting from western style, Asian style, Indonesian style, there is everything in this place.

In other words, you can order a burger, grilled seafood, or a gado – gado at this place. Apart from that, this place also offers various desserts too.


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