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Have you ever heard of PantaiSekilak? Where is one of the number one tourist destinations in Batam. Sekilak beach is located right on the outskirts of Batam Island and adjacent to the Tanjung Mbeban area, Riau.

This one beach is certainly highly recommended to be part of domestic and foreign tourist destinations. This is because this beach has a fairly large area of ​​30 hectares. In addition, the view displayed still looks natural and beautiful to the eye.

Entrance ticket prices at Sekilak Beach

For those of you who are interested in making Pantai Sekilak one of your main destinations during your vacation. Take it easy to have a vacation at Sekilak Beach, it doesn’t cost a fortune. You only need to pay a fee of Rp. 9,000 per person and plus a parking fee of Rp. 1,000.00. Parking fees only apply to those of you who bring private vehicles to that place.

However, when certain days, such as a long vacation or a certain day’s commemoration, the price of admission to Sekilak Beach can also go up. However, whether the entrance ticket price increases or not, it still does not discourage visitors from visiting this place.

In addition, this beach can be enjoyed by its beauty from 09.00 WIB to 19.00 WIB or refers to the active time of the population around the beach. Of course, the relatively long opening time makes you satisfied to enjoy its natural beauty?

Usually, foreign or domestic tourists who first arrive on Batam Island feel confused about the location of Sekilak Beach. However, just calm there is a solution. You can rely on certain places on Batam Island.

For example, from Hang Nadim Airport which only takes 5 km and also 8 km if taking the route from Batam Center Seaport. In addition, if your location is from Telaga Punggur Seaport, you only cover a distance of 5 km. However, if you still feel confused, you can also refer to Google Maps or ask the residents directly.

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Tourism Object on Sekilak Beach

Sekilak Beach certainly has its own uniqueness which other beaches around Batam Island do not have. Of course, this uniqueness makes it a special attraction for foreign and domestic tourists who want to enjoy its beauty firsthand.

For those of you who are curious about why tourists choose to travel to Sekilak Beach. Just take a look at the following detailed information about the tourist attractions on the beach.

1. Natural Shades

Usually, around the beach which is often visited by visitors, it will be transformed into a magnificent residence and also other entertainment places which are useful to attract tourists to be willing to stop by the place that has been built.

However, the presence of a residence in the area around the beach will actually give the impression that the beach atmosphere is no longer natural. Because it has closed with these modern buildings. However, of course this does not apply to Sekilak Beach in Batam.

This is because the natural nuances displayed still look natural with views of the hillside cliffs shaded by green trees. Not to mention the ocean view that looks blue when you watch directly from the top of the rocks around the beach. Anyway, don’t regret it when visiting this place.

2. Sunset

For those of you who often make sunset as the main object to fill your camera. Of course, don’t forget to capture the moment sunset on this Sekilak Beach. Because, if you take the right angle position, the sunset on the beach will look cool.

For example, if you capture it from the top of steep rocks which are positioned quite high from the shoreline. Surely, you will be able to see an amazing sunset view, where like the sun slowly enters the bowels of the earth.

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Maybe you need a little struggle to reach one of these rock peaks. However, the results you get will be worth your struggle.

3. Green Trees

In addition to the exotic sunset views, you will also be spoiled with a vast expanse of green, namely verdant trees. This makes the atmosphere of your vacation cool. Because if you feel hot all day, you can avoid it by taking shelter in the trees around Sekilak Beach.

4. The Waving Nyi

Who says only trees that grow around Sekilak Beach. In fact, the palm trees here also thrive. This is evidenced by the sight of palm trees neatly lined up and waving on the beach as if they want to welcome the tourists who visit this beach.

5. White Sand

Although around Sekilak Beach is synonymous with large rocks. However, there are certain areas that are only covered by white sand. So you will not feel bored when enjoying the scenery around Sekilak Beach.

6. Rocks on the Beach Lip

Indeed, Sekilak Beach seems to be full of large rocks on the edge of the beach. However, these rocks actually make this beach have its own characteristics when compared to other beaches around Batam. Even though the rocks look big and steep, they still do not discourage visitors from taking pictures in that place.

7. Turtle Farm

In addition to its enchanting natural beauty, around Sekilak Beach there is also one place that attracts visitors, namely the turtle breeding. This breeding aims to be a place to grow and breed for turtles, which is one of the animals protected by the state.

Besides that, it is also useful to protect it from extinction. In fact, if you are lucky you will witness firsthand when the captivity releases thousands of turtles that are ready to live in the open seas. Of course, you have to choose the right moment to capture this one moment.

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8. Blue Water

Of course, the beach is identical to the view of the water, which is blue, when seen from close or far away, and this also applies to Sekilak Beach. Around the beach, you will see a view of the water that is blue and stretches as if there are no boundaries. The point is that as far as the eye can see, there will only be an exotic blue color.

9. Mangrove Forest

Not only about the blue water color, Sekilak Beach also offers another beautiful panorama, namely the mangrove forest that grows around the beach. The dense green leaves make this place look very shady. In fact, you can also see the atmosphere of a traditional port in the mangrove forest.

10. Underwater Scenery

You have many choices to enjoy the beauty of Sekilak Beach on Batam Island. However, don’t forget the charm of the underwater scenery which is equally cool. This can be seen from the view of the rocks that you can see with the naked eye because the water conditions around Sekilak Beach are really clear.

For those of you who have hobby diving, surely it won’t be fun if you don’t try diving here. You can certainly enjoy this view as well as be immortalized as an unforgettable memory when visiting this beach.

Sekliak Beach offers a million beauty, so what are you waiting for to visit this beach with your relatives, relatives, girlfriends and closest friends. You will not regret it because this beach is full of natural beauty that makes you not want to go home.


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