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Segara Beach has a beautiful and calming stretch of sand in the southern part of Bali. What distinguishes this beach from other beaches is its surface which is covered by rocks and sand dunes which also protect Kuta from extreme weather. Apart from the beautiful scenery, Segara Beach is also a famous surfing spot.

Try taking a walk on the beach, alone or with your family and try to find small “treasure” such as shells and uniquely shaped rocks. Look out for the various statues that adorn the path from the entrance. Segara Beach has been one of the favorite beaches for vacationing in Bali since the 1950s.

Entrance ticket prices at Segara Beach

You do not have to pay any fees to enjoy the atmosphere on this beach because admission is still free. But of course, you have to prepare cash for parking fees or buy food and souvenirs on site.

Segara Beach is located in the Tourism Area of ​​the Indonesia Tourism Development Center (ITDC) Lot. 1, Nusa Dua, Badung, Bali 80363. This location is also very easy to reach because it is located right in front of the Melia Hotel. You can visit this beach at any time, because the location is open 24 hours for 7 days.

If you come to the location from the direction of Ngurah Rai Airport, you only need to cover a distance of about 14 km in about 25 minutes. You can pass the Bali Mandara Toll Road to the Ngurah Rai Bypass so it is freer. After passing a security checkpoint, head right past the museum, theater, and you will immediately find a parking spot.

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Tourism Object on Segara Beach

1. Try Surfing

Segara Beach can be an option for those of you who are not very experienced in surfing because the waves are not so ferocious. Many places rent surfboards on the beach. Try new experiences, who knows you will be addicted to surfing.

2. Renting a boat

Apart from surfboards, another form of transportation that is rented out on this beach is a boat. Maybe you should go with the boat owner, but the experience of riding a boat on the ocean will be unforgettable.

3. Shop at small shops

Along this beach, there are many shops that provide souvenirs, food, and drinks. You can choose your favorite from the many options available.

4. Bask

Basking in the sun or tanning is one of the most popular activities for both foreign and local tourists. Segara Beach can be the place of choice to do this because it is still not too crowded and there are many points that you can use to relax.

5. Jogging

In the morning the beach is not too crowded, so you can enjoy jogging or take a leisurely walk on the coast. Enjoy the natural atmosphere while maintaining your health during the holidays.

6. Visit Modern Shops

There are many modern shops that you can find near this beach such as malls, restaurants and bars. Among them are Beachwalk, Discovery, Kuta Square, Kuta Art Market, and Bali Sea Turtle Society. Enjoy a more futuristic atmosphere after hanging out with nature on the beach.

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7. Enjoying International Culinary

As mentioned above, there are many star-rated bars and restaurants that you can find in this location. Indulge your tongue with the creations of professionals in the kitchen.

8. Watching the Rising Sun

Like other beaches in Bali, Segara Beach is also the right place to see the sunrise in the morning. Many tourists consider that the experience of enjoying the sunrise here is not inferior to other, more famous beaches. Do not miss this opportunity.

9. Swimming

Unlike other beaches that tend to be dangerous for swimming, you can swim safely at this beach. Due to the sloping condition of the beach with waves that are not even fierce, sometimes it is completely absent, this beach can be used to swim safely.

10. Trekking and Cycling

From Segara beach, you can see Nusa Dharma Island which is quite close. One of the many activities that have been done and worth trying here is tracing the existing routes on the island by foot or bicycle.

11. Snorkeling

For those of you who like snorkeling or diving activities, you can try doing it in the Segara Beach area. At a distance of about 0.5 kilometers from the shoreline, there is an underwater park called Bali Underwater Cultural Park.

Not only in the form of an ordinary underwater park, this BUCP has a uniqueness that is not owned by a similar location, namely artificial coral reef art that is shaped like a sculpture. This artwork is not made without purpose, but functions as a place to attach new coral reefs and a habitat for various marine life.

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Seeing the many experiences that Segara Beach has to offer, it’s a shame if you miss the opportunity to visit it. Plan your vacation here right now!


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