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If you visit the Garut area of ​​West Java, take the time to stop by on a trip to Sayang Heulang Beach. This beach is very charming and still classified as “virgin”, aka still quiet, less touched by tourists. The environment is still beautiful and well maintained. No wonder you will not find rubbish scattered about on this beach and the water still looks very clear.

Sayang Heulang Beach has big waves at high tide. But during low tide, you can see small fish swimming and hiding behind coral rocks. As if inviting you to dive to play with them. Other marine biota that can be found on this beach at low tide include various crustaceans, molluscs, and even a type of starfish that can be seen directly with the naked eye.

Entrance ticket prices at Sayang Heulang Beach Garut

At first, when there were no visitors every week, entering this beach area was still free. If they are willing, tourists are encouraged to pay whatever they want in the charity box. However, once it became known, visitors were charged a retribution rate of IDR 5,000.00. This price is still relatively cheap and easy to reach by the community. The beach is open 24 hours, so feel free to come whenever you want.

Located in Mancagahar Village, including in Pameungpeuk Garut District, West Java, this beach was found. It is located close to Santolo Beach. Both are equally beautiful. So, if you are traveling on Santolo Beach, please head over to Sayang Heulang Beach. To reach this beach, tourists can pass several routes.

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Between Garut City and Sayang Heulang Beach, it has a distance of about 89 kilometers, taking three hours or more. From the city center you can take directions to Cikajang. After that, continue the journey to Mancagahar Village. This route is the easiest route, if you are confused, open your GPS or ask local people not to get lost and waste a long time on the trip.

Another route is the route usually used by mini buses, namely the Bandung-Pameungpeuk route. You will pass Ranca Bali, continue to Naringgul, then head to Cidaun. After that, you will pass Rancabuaya Beach before arriving at Sayang Heulang Beach. If you use a private vehicle from Bandung, you can follow the Pangalengan route to get to this beach.

Attractions in Pantai Sayang Heulang Garut

Apart from presenting extraordinary views, this brownish white sandy beach is also a place for beach tourists to carry out various fun activities. It is very unfortunate when visiting this beach just to have a look. Things that can be done at Sayang Heulang Garut Beach include:

1. Snorkeling or swimming

If you have a hobby of snorkeling, this beach is perfect for you. Snorkel rental is not yet available. You can bring your own equipment from home. If the water is receding, you can easily find green corals, various marine plants, and small marine animals there. Swimming on the beach is also fun, the most important thing is to be careful.

2. Play Beach Volleyball

The beach, which has 2 kilometers of coastline and a width of approximately 50 meters, has a small plot of land that is devoted to playing volleyball. If you come here with lots of friends or family take advantage of this facility. Guaranteed, the holidays will be more exciting and fun. You will also get a moment of togetherness by playing volleyball on this beach.

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3. Have a picnic under a tree

On this beach, there are not many restaurants and restaurants like other beaches in general. For that, having a picnic, spending time with your family and bringing your own food from home is a wise way to enjoy this beach. Lay out mats under the trees around the beach, serve food, and chat with family. Then your vacation will be even more memorable.

4. Enjoy the Sunset

Enjoying the atmosphere in the afternoon while watching the sunset is always a favorite activity on the beach. Sunset on Sayang Heulang Garut Beach is very enchanting. If you are afraid to come home too late, don’t worry. Around the beach there are already inns. Just pay IDR 150,000.00 You can sleep well at night and in the morning you still get a sunrise bonus from this beach.

5. Motor Cross

Having a long coastline, Sayang Heulang Beach is used as a motor cross path at certain times. The terrain is perfect for these activities. If you want to test your motor cross skills, please try it in this beach area. The most important thing is to maintain the safety and comfort of other visitors. Do not also damage the existing beach ecosystem.

6. Camping

Camping on this beach is highly recommended, as long as it is not too close to the shoreline so that it is not exposed to tides. The electricity on this beach is only available 12 hours, for that camping in this place is a challenge and a test of your own guts. At night, the sky view will look amazing. Thousands of stars will complete your night This beach.

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The atmosphere of Sayang Heulang Beach with its various activities is a shame to miss. The panoramic view of the beautiful and enchanting beach will hypnotize anyone who visits it and makes you feel at home for a long time. The water is very clear and the beach-style scenery is still “virgin” will make you want to explore it immediately.


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