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One more beach tourism destination located in Gunungkidul, Yogyakarta, which offers a natural beauty treat that is different from the others, namely Sarangan Beach. This beach, which has a curved coastline and seems to form a semicircle, feels very beautiful, even though it doesn’t have a large beach area like the others. Most tourists think that Sarangan Beach is Krakal Beach, because the location is very close and seems to still be one area.

Sarangan Beach is located in the village of Ngestirejo, Tanjungsari, Gunungkidul and can be reached with a trip of approximately 2 to 2.5 hours if taken from the city of Yogyakarta with a distance of 70 km. The beauty of the beach is not only from the white sand combined with Tosca blue sea water. However, if the waves are not too big and the sea water is receding a little, you will be presented with a view of marine life that will appear on the beach. For example, jellyfish, but you have to be careful because it can have an itchy effect on the skin if you come in contact with them.

Entrance ticket prices at Sarangan Beach

To be able to access the Sarangan Beach area, you only need to pay a fee of Rp.10,000, – which can also be used as access to other beaches such as Pok Tunggal Beach, Krakal Beach and Baron Beach which are located in one area. In addition to the retribution ticket, you will also be charged a parking fee for two-wheeled vehicles of IDR 3,000 and IDR 5,000 for four wheels.

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The trip to the Sarangan Beach area is already good, you don’t need to worry because the roads are smooth with paved roads. Although the name of this beach doesn’t sound familiar to tourists, you don’t need to be afraid because you don’t have to walk along the path like other new beaches.

Until now, there are several alternative routes to travel to Sarangan Beach, and all of them are taken from Jalan Wonosari which is considered to take a shorter time than passing through Jalan Imogiri. The following route must be taken:

1. Via Jalan Wonosari

Piyungan-Bukit Bintang-Patuk-Sambipitu-Gading-Wonosari-Jalan Baron-Mulo take a left-Bintaos-Tepus-take a right to Indrayanti Beach-Sundak Beach-Krakal Beach-Sarangan Coast.

2. Via Jalan Wonosari the second option

Jalan Wonosari-Sampaan-Piyungan-Bukit Bintang-Patuk-Sambipitu-Forest Bunder-Gading-Wonosari-Jalan Baron-Mulo-Kemadang-Pantai Baron-Pantai Kukup – Pantai Sepanjang – Krakal Coast-Sarangan Coast

Tourism Object on Sarangan Beach

1. Bukit Giri Sarangan

1600601717 194 Sarangan Beach Ticket Routes Photos Visitor Reviews - Sarangan Beach - Ticket , Routes, Photos, Visitor Reviews

Not only beach spots and natural beauty around the beach, you can explore the beauty of this hill which is located right above the beach. You can capture the moment by taking a photo from a hill or selfie with a hill background. This hill was built by the local government and is usually used for tourists to spend the day waiting for the sun to set.

2. The perfect spot for hunting sunset

This beach is perfect for those of you who like sunset hunting and silhouette photos, because by going up to the hill of view you can get the moment the sun sets from a height.

3. Spot for camping

Apart from being a place that has clear beach water so you can see many fish swimming, this beach can also be used as a camping area with friends. But keep in mind that you should keep the beach clean and not damage the environment. This beach is arguably not too crowded with visitors, but also not too quiet.

4. The facilities are adequate

For those of you who want to spend the night in the Sarangan Beach area but don’t want to camp, this area is also equipped with lodging facilities. So for those of you who bring your whole family and want to spend the night in this beach area, you can make a reservation at the local inn. Apart from lodging, other facilities that can be used when visiting this beach are the many shops available, a large parking area, and adequate toilets.

5. Hunt the sunset

1600601717 493 Sarangan Beach Ticket Routes Photos Visitor Reviews - Sarangan Beach - Ticket , Routes, Photos, Visitor Reviews

Some tourists who visit Sarangan Beach are usually those who come from Krakal Beach first. Besides its location which is very close together and even thought of as one location, but Sarangan Beach has its own advantages, of course for those of you who really like sunset because the only advantage on this beach is ‘Sarangan Hill’.

With the construction of these facilities by the government, it seems to be a special attraction for tourists who come to this area to get the opportunity to go up to the hill and hunt for the sunset. Even so, the beauty of the beach there is no less beautiful than other beaches.

So for those of you who want to take a vacation and want to determine a beach tourism destination in the City of Gudeg, make Sarangan Beach as one of your tourist destinations that will give an unforgettable impression. Enjoy the sunset and capture the moment on Sarangan Beach!


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