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Want to travel in a comfortable place with a view that soothes the eyes and eliminates fatigue? Sambolo Anyer Beach is the solution. Sambolo Beach is one of the beaches in Anyer with quite unique white sand. There is a tall and large lighthouse built on this beach to direct the sailing ships. Also the view of the mountains and sea is very beautiful.

If you come from outside Banten, you must know where this exotic beach is. Located on the route to the Anyer area or more precisely on Jalan Raya Karang Bolong, Cinangka city, this beach is very popular, especially during holidays. The distance is not far from the city of Banten, therefore it is not difficult to find the existence of this cool beach.

Price of admission

Sambolo Anyer Beach can be used as your next vacation destination either on weekends or during long holidays. No need to hesitate to visit this beach with the easiest access because with a cheap ticket fee you can enjoy all of its natural treats. The entry ticket costs IDR 10,000 / person. while the parking fee is IDR 2,000 for motorbikes and IDR 15,000 and IDR 60,000 for cars.

Access when coming to Sambolo beach in Anyer is known to be very easy and smooth. Finding the beach doesn’t need to bother and you won’t get lost following the path in the online map. You can use private vehicles such as motorbikes, cars, or you can also use public transportation and group buses. A large parking area is provided for those of you who come together.

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For the route to Sambolo Anyer beach, you can choose the fastest route, which is to depart from Jakarta. Please pass the Tanggerang Merak toll road. Exit to West Cilegon. From West Cilegon, continue the journey towards Anyer or direct your vehicle to the left. Then you will soon arrive at the industrial area in Cilegon. From there, you will arrive at Sambolo Anyer beach.

Or you can easily find this beach by looking at the google map and then typing the name of the beach Sambolo Anyer. For the easiest reference, this beach in Banten is located next to a hotel called Patra Jasa. You will find a signpost in the form of a sign that says ‘Pantai Sambolo’ there.

Interesting thing

What are the advantages of Sambolo Anyer beach? The advantage of this beach in Banten is that it lies in its tourism objects. Guaranteed you will feel the excitement while spending vacation time on this beach. Therefore, here are some of the Sambolo beach attractions for you.

1. Banana Boat rides

Enjoying the beach with a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere will be more exciting if you try this one attraction, the banana boat. Feeling sitting in a banana shaped inflatable boat being dragged on a jet ski on the sea. You will feel a different sensation and of course challenge your adrenaline.

2. Exotic Sunset Panorama

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The location of this beach is indeed back to the direction of the sunset, but you can still see its beauty. Many people take advantage of this moment to take pictures with a background of perched beach and sunset views. Guaranteed your photos will look anti-mainstream.

3. Picnic Area

Vacationing to the beach is fun if you are with family or group friends. While bringing supplies from home, you can enjoy them together in the gazebos that are rented out on the beach. Prices vary depending on the size of the gazebo. Using a gazebo can also be used to build intimacy, while enjoying and chatting on a beautiful beach.

4. Snorkerling

Have you ever felt the thrill of seeing a view under the sea? You must try and feel the excitement at this Sambolo Anyer beach. One package rental for your snorkeling rides has got a protective water goggles and a breathable device, as well as a floating suit for safety. Guaranteed vacation will be even more memorable by trying this one ride.

5. Parasailing

Not only snorkeling and banana boats that make your vacation activities on this beach more challenging and exciting. Parasailing is also ready to surprise you. No need to worry about security issues, because you will be well guided by professionals.

6. ATV rides

As in other beaches, you can rent an ATV that is specially used for along the beach. Feel the sensation of driving on the sand of this beach just by paying an affordable rental fee.

7. Jet Ski

Dare to try the thrill of driving over the water surface on a jet ski? You who want a challenging vacation, try to rent this tool. exciting tourist attraction this time adds to the attraction of tourists. Besides that, it will add to the exciting experience you have ever done while on vacation.

8. Temporary Tattoo Services

Tattoo enthusiasts and lovers can find a variety of tattoo-making services at Sambolo Anyer beach. You can freely choose a tattoo model that suits you. The price also varies depending on the difficulty of the tattoo image you choose. Take it easy, this tattoo is not permanent alias can disappear within a few days or weeks.

It turns out that there are a lot of tourist attractions on this Sambolo Anyer beach. Various exciting and positive activities can be done on this beach with friends or family. Come to Sambolo Anyer beach and feel the sensation of a different exciting holiday.


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