Salute in Nazi Style, Chinese Tourist Arrested While On Tour in Germany


Travel Blog Indonesia – What this tourist from China did was really outrageous. Nazi salute in Germany is as forbidden as wearing a T-shirt with the hammer and sickle in Indonesia.

As a result of the two tourists from China, they finally had to get legal consequences in that country. The two of them were caught doing a Nazi salute while outside the parliament building in Berlin, Germany, Saturday (5/8).

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Both face criminal penalties for using symbols banned in Germany as reported by the report BBC, Tuesday (8/8). The two men are 36 years old and another friend is 49 years old.

The two tourists from China face fines or imprisonment of up to three years. However, they were finally released after paying a fine of 500 Euros (around 7.8 million rupiah / person).

In the report The New York Times, the two of them were immediately carried into a police vehicle. Before being carried, each of them is seen taking pictures of each other in a Nazi salute, in a courtyard of the parliament building in Germany.

This salute is clearly forbidden, especially in Germany, which has implemented strict and strict rules relating to the prominent Nazi figure Adlof Hitler and his party.

Like other countries in Europe, Germany is one of the countries visited by tourists from China in recent years. It is recorded that nearly one million tourists from China visit Germany each year.

Although anti-hatred laws are commonplace in Europe and have been in effect for a long time, tourists from China do not seem to know much, generally the European countries that are their tourist destinations.

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Unfortunately, not all tourists from China were welcomed by other European citizens regarding some of the cases that occurred. Tourists from China are known to be lavish in shopping but are considered rude and tend to be rude.

It seems that a lot of tourists from China have experienced it cultural shock when traveling to countries in Europe, one of them is Germany. However, it is estimated that tourist visits from the country of the bamboo curtain will continue to increase to reach 2 million in 2020 to Germany.


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