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Sadeng Beach is a natural tourist attraction which is also known as a fishermen’s paradise. The beach, which is located in the Gunung Kidul area, DI Yogyakarta, is always crowded with visitors, both local and non-local tourists.

The beginning of Sadeng beach begins with the arrival of the Gombong fishermen who decided to start a fishing village in 1983. Now, after crossing the ages for 35 years with its ups and downs, the fishing village has developed into a busy port.

However, the existence of Sadeng beach does not appear to be just a fishing port because this location was the mouth of the ancient Bengawan Solo river. For those of you who want to feel the sensation of this different beach tour, it is clearly highly recommended.

Price of admission

Sadeng Beach is a fishing port which is quite active on the coast of Gunung Kidul. Thus, the facilities at this location are relatively complete, such as a large parking area, bathrooms, grocery stalls, and seafood restaurants.

Even though the facilities on Sadeng beach are in the complete category, the entrance fee charged to visitors is relatively cheap, namely IDR 5,000. In addition to paying the entrance ticket, if you bring a vehicle, you will later pay a retribution fee for motorbikes of around IDR 2,000 and IDR 5,000 for a car.


To be precise, Sadeng beach is located between two villages, namely Songbanyu and Pucung, Girisubo sub-district, Gunung Kidul district. The location of this beach is 46 KM from the city of Wonosari and 80 kilometers from the city of Yogyakarta. You can access the location by public transportation, two wheels or four wheels.

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If you are from Yogyakarta, you can enter the direction of Wonosari, then when you arrive at the Mulo Village T-junction, take the left path to Mantel. After that, head to Bintaos then towards Tepus. When you arrive at Tepus, you will find Jepitu Market, turn right at the junction of the market then look for Girisubo Village.

If coming from the direction of Klaten, go to Semau, then enter the Giripanggung area. Upon arrival, enter Cuelo until you arrive at the Jepitu Market junction. After that, turn right from the market junction and look for Girisubo Village.

Tourist attraction

1. Flute Lake

Telaga Suling is a lake which is believed by local people to be the rest of the water flow from the Bengawan Solo Purba river. This opinion is not just an opinion because there is physical evidence in the form of two limestone hills with a valley in the middle. Now, the valley has been converted into a palawija field for the local population because of its fertile soil.

The valley around the Suling Lake has a length of approximately 7 KM. The groove meanders towards the north until it enters the Pracimantoro area in Wonogiri Regency. If you follow this path, you will find the location where the estuary is reversed from the Bengawan Solo river. Meanwhile, the location of the estuary of the Ancient Bengawan Solo River is on the east side of Sadeng beach. Now, the location has been used as a fishing port by the local community.

2. Village fishing activities

Sadeng Beach is not an ordinary tourist destination, here you can watch the fishermen’s activities up close. Among them are those who are cleaning the boats, bringing the fish they have caught to the auction, to grinding ice to preserve fish. Once crowded, this beach is due to its existence as the main and most advanced Fish Landing Port (PPI) in DIY province.

The advancement of this port is evidenced by large motor boats, refueling terminals, lodges and fishermen cooperatives. When visiting Sadeng beach, you can also witness the fish auction process firsthand. Visiting this beach is clearly very useful to add to your insight into the historical and sociological aspects of the Sadeng people.

3. Culinary tours seafood

Not only is it known for its rich historical value and popularity as an economic driver for society, restaurants seafood Sadeng beach is also famous. For those of you who come to a port where all the seafood is auctioned and sold, it certainly won’t taste good if you don’t enjoy seafood.

Here, lots of restaurants are lined up offering a variety of seafood with delicious flavors. Well, enjoy the delicious disheseafood with family while enjoying the beautiful panoramic views of the sea and the hustle and bustle of the harbor, of course, is a separate harmony. You also don’t need to worry because some of the restaurants here offer a variety of seafood at low prices.

4. The thrill of getting on a boat

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Given that Sadeng Beach is busy with fishermen looking for fish in the middle of the sea, it’s no wonder that here you will very easily find boats for rent. Of course, the sensation of riding a fishing boat adrift in the middle of the sea will provide a distinct experience and impression for the tourists who come.

5. Fishing

There are many fishing spots that you can use, for example, near the pier. Sadeng Beach is indeed a tourist destination that is right for those of you who like fishing, plus in this place you will be treated to a very beautiful view of the pier. You can find many fish, including snapper, tuna and grouper.

The main attraction of Sadeng beach lies in the historical aspect of Telaga Suling, the sociological aspect of the port and the delicious culinary taste of the port. If you are bored with an ordinary beach tourism atmosphere, then a visit to Sadeng beach might be a list of queues on the itinary. It is guaranteed that a visit to the beach of the former estuary of Bengawan Solo Purba will give a different color to your tour.


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