Sacred River Beach ️ HTM, Routes, Visitor Photos & Reviews

Tourist destinations in the city of Bengkulu .. Can be reached within – + 30 minutes from the city center, the road to the beach of the holy river is also good. . The view that has this beach is very impressive. . The parking lot is between the palm trees, but there is also a large parking lot. . We can enjoy the beauty of the waves from the top of the hill, while enjoying, young coconut, coffee, noodles, or other snacks at the huts around the beach. There are beach hat sellers here, so don’t forget to buy & wear a beach hat if you’re worried about your face getting burned . Not charged with expensive rates to be able to enjoy the view here, 5 k to relax enjoying the waves. . Oh yes, bathing is prohibited on this beach, because the current is very heavy & the waves are strong. If you want to take a bath, you can visit another beach which is located not far from the beach of this holy river.


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