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Madura Island has many tourist objects that tourists can visit. Due to the geographical location of the island of Madura which is in the Java Sea, making it has many beach tourism objects. One of the beauties on the island of Madura is Rongkang Beach.

Rongkang Beach is located in Kwanyar Village, Kwanyar District, Bangkalan Regency, Madura Island, East Java. Geographical Location The rongkang beach is to the east of the Suramadu bridge. Suramadu Bridge is the longest bridge in Southeast Asia, which is about 25 kilometers from the city of Bangkalan.

Rongkang Beach Tourism is one of the favorite tourist attractions that can be visited on Madura Island. This beach tour has a beautiful charm that is very interesting to visit. Tourists flock to come on weekdays and holidays. The beach is unspoiled, the trees are shady and large hollow rocks are scattered on the shore.

Rongkang Beach Many foreign and local tourists who come to Madura specifically to visit Rongkang Bangka lan Beach with their relatives, friends, relatives and spouses.

Another uniqueness besides the rocky beach is that before reaching this beach, you have to pass a few rocks in the form of quite steep cliffs. This is a challenge in itself for those of you who are curious about this Rongkang Bangkalan Beach. Because this beach is still very natural and there are many shady trees that thrive around the beach.

Ticket prices at Rongkang Beach

Rongkang Beach was once quite famous and was frequently visited by nature lovers. Unfortunately this beach has not been used as an official tourist location by the Bangkalan regency government so that visitors are still free to come in and out of this beach at any time, in the morning or at night.

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To enjoy its beauty, visitors only need to pay 5,000 to 20,000 rupiah per person to enter the beach area. To be able to enjoy this Rongkang Beach you are not charged a parking fee. Due to the absence of security that can guarantee, visitors are expected to be able to guard their own private vehicles.

Access to Rongkang Beach is still quite difficult because there are still some roads that have not been paved due to the lack of facilities provided by the government to repair the road to the beach. There are still holes in the road and some roads are still dirt.

Can be an input for the government in making road repairs to increase Rongkang Beach tourism. This can provide added value and visitors will be interested and interested in coming and enjoying the natural charm of the beauty of the beach on this Rongkang Beach. Visitors who depart from outside the island of Madura have two accesses that can be followed.

First crossing to the port of Kamal by boat. It takes about 30 minutes to get to Rongkang Beach. The distance traveled is approximately 12 km. The second access is the shortest route that can be chosen to get to the beach, namely via the Suramadu bridge. It takes approximately 15 minutes. And the distance traveled is approximately 5 km.

Both of these accesses can be passed by private vehicle or using public transportation which is widely available on Madura Island and its surroundings to go to Rongkang Beach. There is a kind of mini bus and bus ready to take you. For the usual rates, it is usually around 5,000 rupiah for a mini bus and 20,000 rupiah for a bus.

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Tourism Object on Rongkang Beach

Rongkang Beach is a tourist spot that you must visit. The charm of its beauty and hospitality to local and foreign tourists is the main attraction for this beach. Things that can be found and done at Rongkang Beach include:

1. A rocky beach

This beach has different characteristics from other beaches. Usually the beach is identical to the sand beach, but on Rongkang Beach most of the sand is covered by stones. Residents named this beach as “Rongkang” because of the many rocks and corals with holes along the shoreline.

These rocks are caused by natural processes, namely sea water abrasion. The natural process of the sea rocks is sloping and makes it hollow. The beauty of Rongkang Beach is that there are rows of small and large rocks along the coast and there are also coral hills that are about 20 to 25 meters above sea level. Because the beach has rocks, visitors are expected to be careful when swimming so as not to be dragged by the waves and thrown into the rocks.

The rocks along the beach can injure your feet if you are not careful, so use footwear when you are along the beach. This does not reduce the beauty of this Rongkang Beach. The waves and views of the blue beach add to the beauty of this beach.

If you visit Rongkang Beach during the day, you can enjoy the beauty of the rocks that adorn along the shoreline. In addition, to see the view of the beach from above or just to capture the moment by taking a photo, you can take advantage of the hills.

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2. View of Suramadu Bridge

The distance is still very close to the Suramadu bridge, which is about 5 kilometers, so visitors when visiting this beach at night will be able to see the beautiful sparkling lights on the Suramadu bridge that reflect its beauty from the water surface.

The extraordinary scenery plus the cool atmosphere makes it even more romantic. The lights coming from the ships sailing back and forth add to the interesting and exotic scenery too. Around the beach there are hills that are not so high, which is about 25 meters. You can go up there on the hill so you can freely enjoy the view of this blue beach and feel the breezy breeze of the beach.

3. Adequate facilities

Some of the facilities available around the beach such as prayer rooms, bathrooms, rest areas, restaurants and many more. This restaurant that is ready to provide food and drinks for visitors at affordable prices can be purchased by visitors while enjoying the view on this beach.

If you want to stay with your family, friends or your partner, you don’t need to worry because there are many hotels with various prices according to your budget you who are around Surabaya and also around the Suramadu bridge which is not far from this Rongakang Beach tourist attraction.


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