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Talking about beach attractions, you might think that Bali and Lombok are the right places to visit. It is inevitable if the two areas are indeed very famous for their amazingly beautiful beaches. As a result, the beaches in Bali and Lombok are always filled with tourists, both domestic and foreign.

This may be a little annoying, especially if your purpose of traveling is to get rid of fatigue. Try to shift your destination to Tuban. This district in East Java offers beaches that are no less beautiful than the beach choices in Lombok. The white sandy beach that deserves to be visited is Remen Beach. Here are a few things you need to know.

Ticket prices at Remen Beach

You don’t need to pay a lot to enjoy the beauty of Remen Beach. The retribution fee that you have to pay is only around IDR 2,000. This cheap price includes parking fees. This very cheap price is of course the main attraction for tourists who want to take a vacation without spending a lot of money.

To reach one of these beaches in Tuban, there are several route options that you can take. The first route is from Tuban. If you are located in the Tuban area, start your journey from the Tuban terminal. Take the straight road to the west following the North Coast path towards Semarang or Rembang. You will pass Jenu District then Jenu Market.

From this market, you have to continue your journey west until you find the Jenu Koramil. After passing through the Koramil, you will find an intersection. Take a right or head north. Follow the main road until you get to the Al-Mubarok mosque intersection. Continue the journey by turning right at this intersection until you pass the Village of Rawasan.

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Arriving at the end of the Village Rawasan road, turn left and continue the journey until you find Remen Village. Every now and then look at the side of the road so you can see the directions to the White Sand Tour at the T-junction. Follow these instructions, then you have arrived at Remen Beach.

If you are located in Semarang or Rembang, you need to take the Pantura route to Surabaya. You will pass Bancar District then Tambak Boyo District then through the ports of the Holcim and Semen Gresik cement factories. Keep walking straight until you enter the Tuban industrial area and the T-junction to the PLTU. Turn left at the T-junction then follow the main road to find the Pertamina base. Still following the main road, you will find a T-junction with a signpost to the White Sand Tour. Follow the directions to the location.

Attractions in Remen Beach

Apart from offering natural beauty, there are several other interesting things you can do at Remen Beach. Here’s a list of fun you can do on this beach:

1. Swimming

Swimming is a must-do thing when you visit the beach. When visiting Remen Beach, you will find a kind of lake or small lake in the beach area. This lake has a calm current so it is safe for swimming, even for children.

2. Enjoying Seafood

After being satisfied swimming, of course you feel tired and hungry. You don’t need to worry if you don’t bring lunch because there are many restaurants that provide various processed seafood. With a taste that is no less delicious than famous restaurants, you can enjoy these dishes while spoiling your eyes with a very beautiful beach view.

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3. Playing Sand

Remen Beach has white sand that is very beautiful so it is a pity to miss. You can accompany your children to make sand castles. This certainly adds to the joy of your family vacation.

4. Camping

This one attraction might suit those of you who are adventurous. Setting up a small tent on the edge of Remen Beach will be very pleasant. You can enjoy the beauty and serenity of the beach at night. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to spot several shooting stars as well as an array of galaxies that are impossible to see from the light-filled city.

5. Fishing

Fishing can be one way to enjoy Remen Beach. Some local residents do sometimes do this activity in the beach area, especially in the area around the pine tree. You can also do the same thing to fill your time on this beach. Who knew you could bring home some fresh fish, right?

Are you interested in spending holidays in Tuban? You can do the fun things above when visiting Remen Beach. Long holiday coming soon, it’s time to vacation with loved ones. To feel a different sensation, make sure this beautiful beach is included in your list of tourist destinations.


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