Record 12 Cultural Festivals in Indonesia in 2017

Record 12 Cultural Festivals in Indonesia in 2017 - Record 12 Cultural Festivals in Indonesia in 2017
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Travel Blog Indonesia – This time we summarize the annual festivals held in various regions in Indonesia. This annual festival is a tradition that is closely related to the local wisdom of each region. Besides that, now this annual festival is one of the magnets that attracts local and foreign tourists. The following is a complete overview of the annual festival that you can enjoy for a full year, which is held in different months.

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January – Reba Party, Bena Tribe, NTT. (January 14 – 16)

pesta reba suku bena - Record 12 Cultural Festivals in Indonesia in 2017
Reba party (

Reba party is one of the traditional parties held in East Nusa Tenggara in order to welcome the new year. This party is always held every December 27 and the peak ends in mid-January. One of the characteristics of Pesta Reba is eating sweet potatoes together while being accompanied by a traditional Besa Uwi dance. The dance is usually performed simultaneously with the song O Uwi. The song O Uwi has the meaning of worshiping sweet potatoes as a staple food for Ngada residents.

Reba party was held in Bena Village, which is located about 12 kilometers from Bajawa, Flores. You can use a plane from Jakarta to Bajawa, Flores, NTT, which requires a travel time of approximately 7 hours by airplane.

Reba party is usually held in December, January, and February. However, the peak of the Reba Festival is usually held in mid-January, which is around January 14-16 each year. This party will be led directly by traditional leaders or tribal leaders commonly referred to as Mosalaki. The entire Ngada community also participated and enlivened this party.
Reba party in the Ngada indigenous community is a party that unifies small villages. Apart from being a symbol of a thanksgiving ceremony, the Reba Party is also a symbol of the ceremony to honor the ancestors of the Ngada community.

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The word Reba itself comes from the name of one of the wooden trees in Flores, namely the Reba tree. Pesta Reba is also known by other names such as Reba Uwi, Buku Reba or Gua Reba. Reba is very closely related to Ubi or Uwi. However, Reba can also mean the prohibition of cutting bamboo (Reba Bheto) and also the prohibition of taking coconuts (Reba Nio).

Uniquely, the song sung in Pesta Reba has a very deep philosophical meaning. Several verses of the song imply unity and loyalty. The Reba Party is not just a group meal party or just held to celebrate thanksgiving, but more than that, the Reba Party also contains local cultural values ​​that deserve to be preserved.

At the beginning of the year, the Reba Party was often held at Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, Jakarta. However, the center of this party celebration remains in Ngada Regency. Interestingly, there are also many foreign tourists who come from abroad to Indonesia to watch this Reba Party.

Ngada Regency has various tourist facilities ranging from hotels, inns, to adequate public transportation. The airport which is located closest to Ngada Regency is Bajawa Airport, Flores, NTT. The prices of hotels around Ngada Regency range from around IDR 350,000 to IDR 800,000. Make sure you order flight tickets and hotels 30 days in advance to get the best promo prices from

After watching the Reba Party organized by Ngada residents, if you still have plenty of free time, you can continue your vacation to Ende or Labuan Bajo. Next

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