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Being in Jepara feels incomplete if you don’t visit the culinary center of Pungkruk beach. This beach, which is located in Mororejo village, Mlonggo sub-district, Jepara district, is indeed different from several other beaches, which are actually for playing water or sand tours. Even so, the view on this beach is very pleasing to the eye. You can enjoy the breeze and blue sea while enjoying Jepara specialties.

Previously, the Pungkruk beach area was known as the Pantura area which was used for adult nightlife such as cafes and karaoke. However, in 2015, this beach has been revitalized to become the center of Jepara’s typical seafood. Here you can find several restaurants that are quite neatly arranged. Besides that, it also does not forget its function as a center for various water rides and beach games.

Entrance ticket prices at Pungkruk Beach

  • Weekday admission tickets are IDR 2,000 / child and IDR 5,000 / adult
  • Entrance tickets for weekends or national holidays IDR 3,000 / child and IDR 7,000 / adult
  • The average price of seafood starts from IDR 35,000
  • Average prices for drinks start from IDR 5,000
  • Lodging costs around the beach range from IDR 150,000 to IDR 500,000

Pungkruk Beach is about 9.5 km from the city center or the Jepara square. The access road to this beach is very good and paved so that it can be passed by motorbikes or cars. To reach the shoreline from the Jepara square, it takes about 18 minutes by private car via Jl. Jepara-Bangsri and Jl. Suwawal-Mororejo.

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From the Jepara square, continue the journey to the northeast towards Jl. Kartini and Jl. Ahmad Yani. Then turn left onto Jl. Shima, and turn left again following Jl. Jepara-Bangsri to the next 3.9 km. At the intersection of a red light indicating the direction of Jl. Suwawal-Mororejo then turn left, until 3.5 km then you will meet the gate of Pungkruk beach.

Tourism Object on Pungkruk Beach

1. Coral Beach

Pungkruk Beach is a flat and sloping area accompanied by several rocks that adorn the corner of the beach. So don’t expect to be able to play sand on this beach. Even so, you can still enjoy the view of the open ocean, where you can see the rolling waves breaking when they hit the reef. A beautiful panorama and almost the same as on Parangtritis beach, Yogyakarta.

2. Gazebo on the water

What makes Pungkruk beach very unique is the existence of the “Wuwungan Roof Gazebo” or a traditional Jepara Joglo house. This gazebo was erected on sea water jutting from the shoreline. Apart from enjoying the beauty of the ocean, this gazebo is also used as a culinary spot where you can enjoy seafood dishes while enjoying the blue sea. This gazebo is also often used to celebrate special occasions.

3. Typical Seafood of Jepara

Enjoying seafood dishes on the sea will be the main attraction in this Pungkruk beach. But not only is the atmosphere captivating, the food offerings at this place are also known to be delicious and cheap. You can order Jepara specialties such as grilled fish and fresh pindang serani because they are obtained directly from fishermen in the sea.

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4. Playground

For those of you who are on vacation with your family, you can also visit the children’s playground (Kid’s Park) on this Pungkruk beach. There are various types of games such as seesaw, slides, swings, and playgrounds that are perfect for young children. In addition, you can also rent a vehicle such as a water rickshaw to navigate the beach.

5. Mangroves

For those of you who want to enjoy a shady atmosphere by the sea, you can relax in the Mangrove area. This row of trees was planted by the local government to avoid sea abrasion, besides that it also adds to the exotic coast. You can see these green trees around the blue sea so you can refresh your brain when it’s saturated.

6. Spot Interesting Photos

Visiting Pungkruk beach tourism to add to the Instagram photo collection is also very suitable. Because the beauty of the panoramic sea here is very clear, clean and beautiful. Besides that, there are also many photo spots that are no less charming like in the Maldives. There is also an icon with the words “Pungkruk” which can be the background for your photo. And there are also views of ships and boats on the dock.

7. Place to release fatigue

Usually visitors will enjoy the natural beauty of Pungkruk beach by cycling fun. Moreover, the path access on this beach is also quite good. Apart from that, they also usually enjoy public fishing rides to release boredom. And if you like shopping, then this beach also provides souvenir booths and the main plaza that sells souvenirs and typical Jepara seafood.

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If you want to enjoy a beach destination with a cool and comfortable atmosphere, then Pungkruk beach is the right choice. Starting from the view of the waves and corals, a place to eat in an attractive gazebo accompanied by delicious food, and a game destination that can be enjoyed with children. So what are you waiting for, if you are in Jepara then immediately visit this beach.


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