Puncak Mas Sukadanaham, the newest destination in Lampung for holidays

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Travel Blog Indonesia – Lampung is one of the favorite cities to spend holiday time in Indonesia. There are so many exciting tourist attractions that you can visit in Banana City such as Way Kambas National Park, Kiluan Bay, White Sand Beach, Lembah Hijau, or Mount Krakatau.

In addition to the aforementioned destinations, you must also stop by a new tourist spot in Lampung called Puncak Mas Sukadanaham.

Are you curious about what’s there? Let’s look at the reviews as summarized from various sources by Reservations.com, Wednesday (17/05/2017).

Selfie Tour at Mas Sukadanaham Peak

As a millennial generation, you must often come to selfie tourist destinations that have beautiful panoramas, right? The peak of Mas Sukadanaham also has many spot take pictures that can certainly satisfy your photography desires, you know. Not inferior to other places.

Puncak Mas is a destination that offers beautiful views of the city of Bandar Lampung. Anyone who comes and witnesses the beautiful landscaping there will surely fall in love.

It’s a shame if you don’t capture the moment when you are in Puncak Mas through your camera or cellphone screen. The selfie spot that is usually crowded with travelers is a tree house, gazebo, a bridge of love, and a flower garden.

Facilities at Puncak Mas Sukadanaham

Even though it was only opened in early 2017, the existing facilities at Puncak Mas are considered complete. Starting from outdoor cafes, toilets, prayer rooms, to parking lots. Another important thing that adds to the plus value of this tourist destination is a clean and comfortable place.

The best time to come to this place is in the afternoon or evening. At dusk, the view of the reddish sky from Puncak Mas will look very exotic. As night falls, it makes this place look like a hill of stars. With the twinkling city lights and stars that decorate the Lampung sky, it successfully makes your heart feel peaceful and calm. If you are here, you definitely don’t want to go home!

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Entrance Ticket and Routes

Puncak Mas location is still close to Alam Wawai Eco Park and Summit Bistro, and not far from Lembah Hijau which is a famous tourist spot in Lampung. Access there is easy. You can go through the following routes by two-wheeled or four-wheeled vehicles.

  • The route passes Kemiling : From line two Kemiling you have to enter the Iron Cross which is an alternative route to Teluk Betung. From the Iron Cross, continue on to the Duren Monument. When you get there, you can follow the directions to Puncak Mas.
  • The route passes PDAM Way Rilau / Teluk Betung : From Teluk Betung point your vehicle towards PDAM Way Rilau. Take the back road that passes Lazuardi Haura and Citraland Lampung. The road continues towards the Duren Monument then follow the directions to Puncak Mas.
  • The route passes through Tanjung Karang : From Tanjung Karang, take the route to Lembah Hijau. Unlike the others, this one route requires you to go through a steep incline to Tugu Duren. Well, when you arrive at this place you can follow the directions, google maps, or waze to find Puncak Mas.

The price of admission to this tourist spot is quite affordable. You only need to spend IDR 20,000 and are free to take pictures or relax there.

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