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When visiting East Java, have you ever heard the word Trenggalek? If not, the word is an area in East Java. In this area there are beach attractions that have recently been opened and have attracted the attention of local and foreign tourists. The beach is Prigi Beach which is located in an area with White Sand Beach.

Prigi Beach is located on Jalan Raya Pantai Tasikmadu, Watulimo, Trenggalek Regency, which is 35 kilometers from the city center. Prigi Beach presents a charming and beautiful view of the white sand beach for every visitor who comes. For that, if you are in East Java, there is nothing wrong with stopping by at Prigi Beach to just unwind.

Price of admission to Prigi Beach

If you are interested in coming to Prigi Beach and have mediocre funds, don’t give up because the entrance ticket is cheap. To enter this beach you have to pay for parking for two-wheeled vehicles of Rp. 2000, – / vehicle and Rp. 5000, – / vehicle. As for the entry ticket, you have to pay IDR 7,000 / person for Monday to Friday and IDR 10,000 / person for weekend. Even though the entry fee is affordable, the facilities provided are still adequate and will not disappoint visitors. Here is available swimming equipment rental and also water play equipment rental such as banana boat as well as a float. In addition, at Prigi Beach there is also a small pier which is used as a berth for a ship. In this small port, visitors usually take pictures to capture the moment with a beautiful sea view. Not only that, the road you will take to get to Prigi Beach is very good with helpful directions. So that anyone who is visiting do not be afraid of getting lost or going the wrong way because there are many road signs.

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The distance of Prigi Beach from the center of Trenggalek is 35 kilometers with a travel time of approximately one hour if the road is smooth. The route you have to take is from the city center to the east to Jalan Dusun Tanggung. Keep following the road to Jalan Raya Bandung – Prigi and you will pass Watoelimo, then keep going straight ahead. After that you will pass a Gemaharjo police post, then continue to follow the road to Jalan Raya Pantai Prigi. When you arrive here the sign is that you will soon arrive and set foot on the charming Prigi Beach. From Jalan Raya Pantai Prigi, it takes about six minutes using a wheeled vehicle with a distance of three kilometers.

Tourism Object on Prigi Beach

1. Garden

Things that may be rarely found on a beach are the existence of a park and on Prigi Beach there are beautiful gardens. This park is specially provided for those of you who don’t like water activities, but still want to enjoy the coolness of the beach. You can sit back and relax while accompanied by the beach breeze and the view of the blue sea that soothes the soul. This park is very helpful for visitors who come with your little one who of course cannot be invited to play water. So that they can be invited to go around the park or just sit back while feeding the baby. This park was deliberately created by the City Government of Trenggalek to add to the attractiveness of Prigi Beach which is an area with this White Sand Beach.

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2. Jogging Track

This facility is located around the park described in number one and the Trenggalek government deliberately made it as an additional facility. This facility is free to use by all visitors who come without being charged an additional fee because it is included in the entrance ticket fee. When you come in the morning, there’s nothing wrong with running on the beach.

3, Swimming

Coming to the beach doesn’t feel good if you don’t just swim or play water, for that Prigi Beach is the best solution. On this beach the waves are calm and not too big, although the waves are still bigger than the beach next to them. Prigi Beach is safe to use for swimming with relatives of origin while maintaining the safety of yourself and those closest to you.

4. Off Road Motor Traill

For you lovers motor traill, This beach is the best choice for a vacation because there are facilities available here off road. Besides being able to enjoy the beautiful view of the beach, you can still do the hobbies you like. This facility is intentionally made to add facilities to Prigi Beach so that visitors are addicted to visiting Prigi Beach in Trenggalek.

5. Culinary Tour

After getting tired of playing water on the beach, culinary dining is the most sought after by visitors, so there are various stalls provided here. In 2017, the stalls on Prigi Beach began to be arranged so that they were not too close to the beach. The neat arrangement adds to your enjoyment when you eat and drink something at Prigi’s stalls, of course.

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