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Porok Beach is located in Kemadang village, Tanjungsari district, Gunungkidul district, Yogyakarta. The location of this beach is not far from Sepanjang beach and Kukup orphanages. So, if you travel to Porok beach, you can stop by the two beaches at the same time.

Porok Beach is one of the hidden paradises in Gunungkidul, because not many people know the existence of this beach. No wonder this beach has not been visited by many tourists, especially on weekdays or other than holidays. Even so, it does not mean that Porok beach has no attractiveness, in fact there are many attractions that this beach has.

Price of admission

To enter Porok beach, you will be charged a retribution fee of IDR 10,000 per person. This fee includes other beaches in the vicinity, such as Baron, Kukup, Sepanjang, Krakal, Sundak, and Indrayanti beaches. Usually this payment is made when you want to enter the Baron beach.

There are several routes that can be taken to the first Porok beach, from Yogyakarta via Jalan Wonosari – Piyungan – Patuk – Sambipitu – Gading or airfield turn right – Playen – Paliyan – Trowono – Baron Beach – Kukup Beach – Porok Beach.

The second route also from Yogyakarta then passes Jalan Wonosari – Piyungan – Patuk – Gading or airport – Wonosari City – Jalan Baron – Tepus – Indrayanti – Sundak – Pantai Sepanjang – Pantai Porok.

The third route is quite short but it is the same from Yogyakarta through Piyungan – Patuk – Sambipitu – Gading or airport – Siono – Wonosari City – Jalan Baron – Baron Beach – Kukup Beach – Porok Beach. So visitors cannot go through Kukup or Sepanjang beach first to reach Porok beach, depending on which direction the road is from.

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To get to Porok beach, visitors’ private vehicles cannot directly park on the Porok beach itself. Usually you have to park it around Sepanjang beach or Kukup beach because the road to Porok beach is still difficult and can only be passed by foot.

Interesting thing

1. Views of Green Cliffs and Karst Hills

Like other beaches in Gunungkidul, Porok beach is also surrounded by green karst cliffs or hills. Such scenery has indeed become a characteristic of the beaches in Gunungkidul. It adds to the charm of the beauty of the beach and looks very natural.

The green of the Kasrt hill can be a photo background for visitors or as a photo object, especially for visitors who like the world of photography. Moreover, the sea view around the beach which looks bluish combined with the natural beauty of the cliffs that stands firm is the main attraction for tourists.

2. View of Trees Around the Beach

Porok Beach is surrounded by many trees, especially on the road to the beach. The number of lush green trees adds to the natural impression of this beach. Besides that, it also gives a fresh and cool effect to the visitors. So, visitors can just take shelter or relax under the shady trees around the beach.

3. Karst area that produces melons

This coastal area was once the object of observation for the development of melon plants by Gajah Mada University. That is because the land around Porok beach is very suitable for planting the fruit. It could be that visitors can just see the view of the melon plantation and can even pick their own, of course with the permission concerned.

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4. Condition of Sloping Beach Lips

Porok Beach has a sloping shoreline so it is relatively safe for visitors who want to swim or just play water by the sea. Besides that, it is supported by sea waves around the beach which are quite calm and bring the atmosphere on this beach more calm and comfortable to relax.

Meanwhile, visitors who bring children are also relatively safe when they just play sand, play football, or volleyball. Besides that, you can also take photos with a background of white sand and blue sea. Even so, visitors must still be careful in order to maintain their own safety.

5. Seaweed Area View

Porok Beach has a special area of ​​seaweed, where it is a special attraction for visitors. At least visitors can find out directly and native seaweed plants that are attached to many rocks. Seaweed plants will be more clearly visible when the sea water is receding.

This was then used by some of the local community to cultivate seaweed and make it a livelihood. There you will see a sight of several residents harvesting seaweed and some fishing.

6. Can be used for camping

Porok Beach is a suitable place for camping with friends or family. However, visitors must bring their own camping necessities and equipment from home, because they do not provide such needs. However, visitors who are camping must keep the beach clean.

7. Travel While Trekking

Considering the road from Sepanjang and Kukup to Porok Beach which cannot be reached by private vehicle, it makes this location suitable for trekking. Visitors must walk along the path while looking at the surrounding natural scenery in the form of karst hills to plantations or local farms.

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8. Sunrise and Sunset Views

Porok Beach offers beautiful sunrise and sunset views and is very instagramable. Visitors must capture the sighting moment well because there the view of the sunrise and sunset looks very clear and seems very close.

That is the review of Porok beach which is no less interesting than the big beaches in Gunungkidul. This beach can be an alternative for your natural tourist destinations with friends and family. Especially for those of you who are in the Yogyakarta area itself and should not miss this beach tourist destination


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