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East Java Province is a province that has big cities with tourism that continues to advance and develop, one of which is Tulungagung. This city, which is located between Trenggalek and Blitar City, has beautiful beaches. One of them is Popoh Beach, which is located on Jalan Raya Pantai Prigi, Besole Village, Besuki Village, in line with several other beaches. Popoh Beach is one of the favorite marine tours in Tulungagung and is crowded with tourists all the time. Visitors to this beach will increase when the holiday season arrives, such as school holidays, new years and big celebration days. This is because the scenery presented by Popoh Beach is very beautiful and captivating so that visitors like to come to enjoy its charm.

Entrance ticket prices to Popoh Beach

When a vacation is usually the main thing that comes to mind is the large cost that must be spent for all its needs. However, this does not apply if you visit Popoh Beach because the entrance fee is cheap and affordable in your pocket. You only need an entrance fee of around three to ten thousand rupiah per person depending on what day you visit. The ticket prices imposed will be cheaper if you come in groups, such as coming using a large tour bus. If you come using an elef minibus, you will be charged a fare of around Rp. 120,000 for one bus, this can change according to circumstances. Ticket rates are said to be relatively cheap with the addition of paying for parking tickets for wheeled vehicles, four-wheeled vehicles and buses. In Popoh Beach, besides you can enjoy beautiful scenery, you can also understand and visit historical sites. The south coast always has a unique historical story and sometimes gives it a mystical smell in it. In addition, this beach will provide all visitors with adequate facilities and good service as well as a comfortable place. Existing facilities at Popoh Beach include a sufficient number of bathrooms and food and beverage stalls. Not only that, the operating hours of Popoh Beach are 24 hours straight, making it possible to use camping. The food and beverage seller on this beach sells a variety of foods from snacks to large meals.

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Popoh Beach distance from downtown Tulungagung 33 kilometers and takes about one hour if the road is smooth. The route you have to take is from Jalan Raya Tulungagung – Blitar, go straight ahead then turn right. The sign where to turn is when you find an intersection with a cafe and a futsal venue. Then continue to follow the road until you find a big intersection then turn left, then turn right. About two kilometers from there, turn left and you will pass a tourist attraction on the left. Follow the road and then at the market intersection turn left onto Jalan Ki Mangun Sarkoro. Continue the journey until you pass Jalan Raya Pelem and Jalan Kanigoro then if you find a market turn left. At that time you have arrived at Jalan Raya Popoh then continue to follow the road to Jalan Neyama. After that, choose the left direction towards Jalan Pantai Popoh, at this time the road will start to winding so you have to be careful. About five kilometers from the last street you will arrive at Popoh Beach, or rather arrive at the parking area. Park your vehicle at the parking location and then pay the parking fee, previously you are required to pay an entrance ticket in advance. After that, you can immediately enjoy the charm presented by Popoh Beach.

Tourism Object on Popoh Beach

1. Traditional Rituals

One of the tourist objects that you can find on Popoh Beach is the traditional rituals on certain days. All visitors who attend the ritual are allowed to see it in person at no additional charge. While enjoying the panoramic view of the beautiful blue sea water, you can also witness ancient rituals that you may not have seen.

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2. Historic Tombs

At Popoh Beach there are not only ancient rituals that can be seen, there is also a tomb which is believed to be the tomb of the ancestors. This tomb is one of the tourist attractions in Popoh which is also an attraction for potential visitors to ancient history lovers. There is nothing wrong if you come and learn about history, one of which is through the tomb.

3. Cliffs

The third tourist attraction is the cliffs in the east and west of Popoh Beach, the location is natural and neat for taking pictures. Around the cliff has been given a safety fence, but you still have to maintain your own safety so you can still gather with your family. Its slightly steep and rugged terrain warns all who visit.

4. Spot Sunset

Popoh Beach is one of the best spots for you to enjoy the beautiful sunset on the western horizon. If you visit Popoh Beach, it would be nice to wait until time sunset arrived then immortalize it. Besides that, don’t forget to bring tools like smartphone or a camera to take pictures of the beauty sunset on Popoh Beach Tulungagung.

5. Boat

The fifth tourist attraction that you can enjoy on Popoh Beach is boat or canoe rentals. This boat will take you around the beach area and around for a relatively low cost. If you rent a boat with a large number of people, you can rent the boat without per individual or group terms.


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