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“The Hidden Paradise” or hidden paradise. This term may be suitable for Pok Tunggal beach in Gunung Kidul. This exotic beach lies hidden behind the karst hills that fortify it.

Even though it is remote behind a hill, this tourist location is never empty of visitors either weekend and long holidays. There are lots of activities that you can do when visiting this beach. Starting from light activities such as swimming, sunbathing, taking pictures, diving, snorekling to extreme activities such as rock climbing.

Price of admission at Pok Tunggal Beach

Going on a trip to Pok Tunggal beach in Gunung Kidul is not expensive because the entrance fee and parking fee are relatively cheap. This beach manager sells entrance tickets to visitors with a price range of IDR 3,000 for motorbikes, IDR 5,000 for cars and IDR 10,000 for minibuses. Furthermore, for those of you who intend to carry out camping activities at this location, an additional fee will be charged.

The rental fee for the camping area that you have to pay is IDR 5,000 to IDR 10,000 for each tent per night. Meanwhile, if you want to camp in this area it is advisable to bring equipment such as dome, sleeping bag, mattress, and other equipment yourself. This is because camping equipment rentals around the Pok Tunggal beach area are still limited.

Geographically, Pok Tunggal beach is located in Tepus village, Tepus sub-district, Gunung Kidul Regency. Its existence is also located in the middle of two other beaches, namely Pulang Syawal or Indrayanti and Siung. Access to this location can be reached by several transportation capital, such as motorbikes, cars and public transportation. The road to Pok Tunggal beach is relatively easy to access from cities such as Yogyakarta, Wonosari, Wonogiri, Sukoharjo, Klaten and Solo.

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If you start your journey from the city of Yogyakarta, the distance is around 80 kilometers or 2 hours away by motorbike or car. In short, the route that you should take if it starts from Yogyakarta, you have to head towards Wonosari then turn south towards Tepus. It’s just that after passing the retribution gate and meeting a T-junction, choose the left direction to go to Pok Tunggal beach.

Tourist attractions on Pok Tunggal Beach

1. Underground river flow

There is one unique thing that always arouses visitors’ curiosity, namely about the existence of an underground river on the Pok Tunggal beach. Interestingly, on this beach there is a fresh underground river flow that is not mixed with salty sea water. The existence of this river is also the main source of fresh water that supports the people around the coast.

2. Diving andSnorekling

Like when visiting Nglambor and Sadranan beaches, here you can also do aquatic activities such as diving and snorekling. You don’t have to worry about being swept away because the waves in this beach area are quite calm. In addition, the sea water conditions are still natural, calm and clear, so it really supports this activity. However, if you want to dive, both diving and snorkeling, it is advisable to bring your own equipment.

3. Spot interesting photos

The current trend that is currently developing is uploading various interesting travel photos to social media. One of the social media that is often the main media to show your existence is Instagram. So, if your purpose of traveling is to hunt for quality photos, you can visit interesting photo spots on Pok Tunggal beach.

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There are lots of photo spots that you can choose from, including climbing the stairs to the top of the karst hill and aiming for the best sunrise and sunset. If you are lazy to climb the top of a karst hill, then taking pictures with a background of the sea and blue sky is pretty good. You can also take advantage of various existing properties such as rows of colorful umbrellas to enhance the composition of the image.

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4. Extreme travel rock climbing

Pok Tunggal Beach does consist of karst cliffs that are lined up and coincided with each other. The existence of this cliff that towers into the sky like a fortress is definitely an attraction for you lovers rock climbing. Here, you can test your adrenaline by trying to climb or descend rocky karst cliffs.

5. Camping

As with other beaches, of course the camping or camping area is always the main attraction. Especially on certain days, for example on weekends and holidays. The camping area on Pok Tunggal Beach is also one of the main attractions for tourists, especially those who like this type of nature tourism. Of course, the atmosphere of camping at night with friends is always a favorite activity when camping.

The various attractions above are of course things that must be proven when you go on vacation to Pok Tunggal Beach. Vacationing to this one beach destination also won’t take up a lot of budget / money, plus holidays will be even more fun when you visit with loved ones.


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