Pero Beach – Ticket , Routes, Photos, Visitor Reviews

What a treat for the eyes and mind. Pero beach is located in Pero Konda village which is inhabited by a minority Muslim population of Southwest Sumba. There is a fishing pier on the edge of the mouth of Pero Beach, there we can see fishermen’s activities, the water from the pier also makes the eyes and hearts endlessly grateful to the Creator. The beach with white sand and coral cliff decorations that make this beach special .. If the weather starts to rain, on the edge of the beach we will find green grasslands. . And don’t forget, there is a unique homestay around the beach, owned by the Story family. A place to rest and stay … The most important thing that surfers need to know, this beach can also surf, you know, one of the target places for foreign tourists too .. So why not schedule a vacation to Pero Beach .. One sentence for Pero Beach WONDERFULL PLACE


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