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The charm of marine tourism in Kebumen Regency is no longer in doubt. Lines along the south coast with sand colors ranging from black, brownish to pure white. These beaches offer thousands of charms with a sprinkling of unique rocks and are able to provide protection for the shoreline from the big waves of the southern sea.

The environment around the tourist sites which are quite beautiful and offer challenging paths is sometimes the main attraction for tourists who want to visit the beaches in Kebumen. Now, if you want to experience an unusual beach atmosphere in Kebumen Regency, you can visit Pecaron beach which has extraordinary charm.

Entrance ticket prices at Pecaron Beach

As one of the tourist destinations that you can go to during holidays or weekends, Pecaron Beach is one of the recommendations for cheap and quality beach tourist locations. How come? as a beach with the nickname “The hidden paradise“, To enter and enjoy the charm of Pecaron Beach, you are not charged at all or free.

It’s just that for the safety of the vehicle you are carrying, you can leave it in several locations for vehicle storage which are managed independently by local residents. The tariff for car safekeeping is also quite cheap, such as two-wheeled motorized vehicles, which are charged at Rp. 2,000.00 per bicycle.

This beach with gray-gray sand is indeed quite interesting if it is used as a leading tourist location in Kebumen Regency. The beauty of the cliffs and beaches does not end with just a day of exploration. Moreover, coupled with the close distance between Pecaron beach and other beaches which also have amazing charm.

This beach is known after the beauty of Pecaron Beach was exposed nationally by the MTMA television show “My Trip My Adventure”The version of Pantai Pecaron Kebumen which was broadcast on April 4, 2015 by TransTV television station on Saturday morning. From there, many visitors began and the management of tourist sites began to be improved.

As with the provision of facilities commonly found in several coastal tourism locations, such as places of worship, public bathrooms, clean water and several simple places to eat. And if you visit Pecaron Beach, you can also cross the river estuary to Surumanis beach which is located right next to Pecaron beach and separated by the river estuary.

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Pecaron Beach is located in Srati Village, Ayah District, Kebumen Regency. To reach the Pecaron beach tourist location, all you have to do is follow the Karangbolong highway to Ayah sub-district. Furthermore, when you arrive at a village called Desa Srati in the area, you have to look for a turn with an incline which is commonly referred to as the Tutukan incline.

Along the road to Pecaron Beach has been facilitated with several road directions that make it easier for you to find out the route to the Pecaron Beach. The road sign is usually a banner that says “Pantai Pecaron Indah”. Next, you only need to follow the path until you find the tourist location you are going to, namely Pecaron Beach.

Attractions in Pecaron Beach

Pecaron Beach has a beach area that is not too big. However, Pecaron beach still has a quite beautiful and quiet atmosphere, therefore Pecaron Beach is one of the promising tourist destinations to spend your holiday or weekend. Here are some objects that you can enjoy while on vacation at Pecaron Beach, Kebumen.

1. Charm Doesn’t Change an Impressive Private Beach

This beach, which is still quite new, still has visitors who are not quite crowded. Therefore, there will be plenty of free space for you to get quality time on the beach with family or friends. The atmosphere that is not too crowded will allow you to focus on enjoying the unmatched natural scenery.

When it’s like this, doesn’t Pecaron Beach feel like a private beach? You can enjoy all the beauty and comfort of Pecaron Beach to the maximum. So what are you waiting for, invite your family and friends to jointly unwind by enjoying the beauty of Pecaron Beach.

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2. Take Selfies and Wefie Fun with Friends and Family

Holidays are not complete without capturing the moment by taking selfies or wefies. Yaps, in an era that is sophisticated and taking pictures can be done anywhere and anytime it will make you very dear to miss the exciting moments of taking pictures with a south beach background, beautiful corals and cliffs with beautiful trees.

The high and large cliffs that surround the beach look like a boundary that separates one beach from another. The beauty of these cliffs will definitely tempt you to make them your photo background. Apart from tebung, there are also rolling hills that end vertically towards the sea.

So, if you are stopping by at Pecaron Beach, don’t forget to prepare your camera to keep it stand by. Don’t forget to bring a spare battery and sufficient memory capacity, because there are many moments you must and will get at Pecaron beach with family and friends.

3. It is fun to have a picnic on the beach

Pecaron beach has many locations with a collection of coconut trees and several trees that can grow in the estuary area. Therefore it is not difficult if you want to find a shelter to just let go of fatigue after playing on the beach or to have a picnic and enjoy a meal while observing the surrounding coastal scenery.

You don’t need dishes that are too fancy and expensive, just a few cold drinks and cake snacks can make your picnic feel fun. Activities on the beach like this can also be a gathering tool that can strengthen the relationship between family and close friends.

4. Let’s Fish for Sea Fish!

Tired of just playing water and taking selfies on the beach? Why not just try sea fishing? Apart from being a beach tourist spot, this beach is also widely used by visitors to just entertain themselves by fishing for sea fish. The waves are not too big and lots of coral rocks make a lot of sea fish gather around the beach.

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Want to fish but are bored with sea fish? Relax, Pecaron beach which is located at the end of the river mouth can also serve river fish for you. Simply by renting a fishing boat, you can spend your hobby of fishing for freshwater fish at the estuary of Pecaron beach. The boat rental price is an agreement between fishermen and charterers.

5. Sunset at Karang Beach

Like other beaches, Pecaron beach also has extraordinary charm when the sun will set. Indeed, the sunset view is not too clear to see from Pecaron beach because it is blocked by a large cliff on the western part of Pecaron beach. However, the view of this beach becomes even more interesting with the shadow of a unique cliff.

6. Playing with fresh beach water

It is not complete if we stop on a trip to the beach without playing with the beach water. The location of the sand beach which is quite extensive, and the sea waves are not too high, making Pecaron beach very suitable to be used as a place to play water or swim into the sea. But you have to keep in mind the sea boundaries that can be used as swimming spots.

7. Challenging Adrenaline Exploring Pecaron Beach

As a beach that has a lot of coral, the Pecaron beach route is indeed quite slippery to pass at high tide. However, if the coastal sea water is receding, you can trace and explore the part of Pecaron beach to the eastern end of the beach which is split by a large vertical cliff. Interesting right? Travel while exploring.

Those are some activities and light information about Pecaron Beach. But it’s incomplete if you only read about Pecaron beach reviews without visiting and experiencing first-hand the beauty and charm of the beach. Therefore, you can do the things above when you visit Pecaron Beach.The Hidden Paradise“. Have a good vacation !!


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