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Payangan beach, located in Jember district, East Java, is quite popular because of its uniqueness. Visitors who come from various regions in Indonesia even many foreign visitors who come to enjoy the beauty of a very romantic beach with a shape resembling a symbol of love.

Payangan Beach is indeed known as Teluk Cinta, because this beach consists of a bay that forms an angle resembling a corner of the Love Symbol and the twin Bukit Kecil mounds on the opposite side of the corner so that from the top of this Bukit Pantai is very similar to the symbol of love. Payangan Beach is very suitable to be visited by couples who want to make love and honeymoon.

This beach is also often used as an object for shooting prawedding and other shooting. The romantic impression will be very attached to the couple who make Payangan Beach a location for shooting prawedding. In addition, the twin hills at the end of the beach are like lovers and are expected to continue side by side on the basis of love like the two hills.

Payangan Beach Entrance Ticket Prices

Only by paying an entrance ticket of Rp. 5,000-, per person, visitors can enjoy various facilities in the form of a gazebo, a place of worship, a place to eat, a safe parking lot and can take unlimited photos from various angles. Enjoying the beauty of the romantic beauty of Payangan Beach with a low budget is perfect for visitors who bring groups.

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The location of Payangan Beach, precisely in Sido Mulyo, Sumberrejo village, Ambulu, Jember Regency, East Java is quite easy to find because it is close to several popular southern coasts such as Watu Ulo Beach. From the city center of Jember, visitors will travel about 32 kilometers to get to Payangan Beach.

Visitors who come from the city of Jember only need to direct the vehicle towards the Ambulu sub-district. Arriving at the Ambulu intersection, then follow the route to the south. This direction will lead visitors to Watu Ulo Beach. Arriving at the Watu Ulo Beach area, visitors only need to continue the journey a little. It is recommended to use a private vehicle or rent.

Payangan Beach Tourism Object

1. The Bay of Love

Teluk Cinta is the main attraction of Payangan Beach. It cannot be denied that the shape that resembles a symbol of love makes visitors yearn to be able to visit the beach. The symbol of love will appear when visitors watch from the top of the hill. This beach is used as a favorite location for couples for their honeymoon and photo shoots pre-wedding.

2. Beaches with different characteristics

The Payaangan Beach area is actually divided into 3 parts of the beach with its own uniqueness. The curved lip of the beach in the northern part has black sand beach, while in the middle it consists of rocks with beautiful and unique shapes. While the southern arch consists of grasslands which are often used as camping locations.

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3. Surrounded by hills

Besides being able to visit the beach, visitors can also explore the hills that surround Payangan Beach. The hills seem to protect the beach. From the height of the top of the hill, visitors can enjoy the whole area of ​​Payanagn Beach starting from the bay of love, rocks, to the gradation of sand along the shoreline which is the uniqueness of Payanga Beach.

4. Enjoy Sunset and Sunrise

Payangan Beach is one of the beaches that provides views of the sunset in the afternoon. The romantic impression that is obtained from the characteristics of the beach in the form of a symbol of affection is more complete with the romantic nuance of watching the sun sink from the top of the hill slowly along with the changing of the sky to black.

In the morning Payangan Beach also does not want to miss presenting the beauty of the sunrise from the eastern horizon. For visitors who want to enjoy Sunset and Sunrise, it is recommended to go camping on the grasslands on the southern coast that have been provided. There are many visitors who choose to Camping solely wanting to watch the Sunset and Sunrise.

5. Enjoy the Sparkling Stars at Night

Payangan beach not only pampers visitors during the day but also at night. Visitors who choose to camp can enjoy a stretch of sparkling stars. Coupled with the cool beach night air. At night at Payangan Beach, it is quite safe because of the guards, the large number of visitors, and fishing activities at night.

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6. Unlimited Selfie Location

For visitors who like photography, don’t forget to provide an adequate camera to take various pictures of every corner of Payangan Beach which is very charming. don’t miss to capture this very romantic and unique beach in Jember district. Visitors can also take selfies or take selfies as much as they like in the Payangan Beach area.


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