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Travel Blog Indonesia – Because there are still many who ask about the mandatory requirements for submitting a new passport, this time I will discuss specifically what are the requirements that must be considered before submitting a new passport using an online passport queue application.

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Online Queue Quota

For now, several Immigration Offices open online queuing services that can only be obtained through the application.

The application used is called the online passport queue application which for now can only be downloaded using an Android Smartphone. So, for those of you who don’t use an Android phone, you can use another person’s account or the account of a friend or relative who uses an Android phone.

Please note that the online passport queue application can be used to register 5 names as long as the Quotation is still available, but the condition is that 5 names are still on the same family card.

Check out the terms fees and methods for making a - Pay attention to the 5 mandatory requirements for submitting a new passport

However, if you can’t download the online passport queue application, you can register the passport queue through the WhatsApp system at several immigration offices.

Can you still come directly without a queue number?

The answer is that you can’t because you will be rejected by the officer as long as you don’t have the queue number obtained through the online passport queue application.

Then what is the solution?

The solution, of course, is that you have to find an Immigration Office that still accepts manual passport processing. For Jakarta, the closest is the Immigration Office in Serang, Banten.

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How are the tips so you can get an online passport queue?

Queue quota is usually opened at the time weekend. So you watch the application starting from Friday Saturday and Sunday every week.

Electronic KTP

Another requirement to apply for a passport is an electronic KTP or e-KTP. If you don’t have an e-KTP or just use a receipt, it will not be accepted by the officer.

Then what is the solution?

You can still apply for a passport without an E-KTP by asking for a passport processing certificate from the local disdukcapil.

Original Family Card

Several times there were still netizens who asked about the family card whether to bring the original or just a copy.

I need to reiterate that all documents for processing a passport must bring the originals and photocopies so it’s not just one of them. Hopefully it is understood netizens

Supporting Documents (Birth Certificate, Diploma, Divorce Certificate, Baptist Certificate)

The next document is a supporting document in the form of a birth certificate, diploma, divorce certificate or baptism certificate.

The document is optional, only one of them is asked, but just in case it doesn’t hurt to bring all these documents if they exist.

If it’s not there, just bring what you have, don’t be complicated by documents that don’t exist.

For a certificate, you can use an official diploma at any level of education starting from SD, SMP, SMA, SMK, STM or other equivalent education.

It is enough that you don’t bring all of your certificates with you. For example, if you graduate to high school level, you only need to bring your high school certificate, you don’t need to bring your elementary and junior high school certificates.

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Old Passport

Another special requirement for those who want to extend your passport is a new policy if your passport was issued above 2009, you can extend your passport with only two documents, namely e-KTP and old passport only.

Then what if your passport was issued under 2009?

The answer is that you must bring the complete conditions for extending your passport, such as the requirements for applying for a new passport.

Check out the terms fees and methods for making a - Pay attention to the 5 mandatory requirements for submitting a new passport

Important to note

The last thing you need to pay attention to is that there should be no difference in the name between the documents you carry.

For example on e-KTP your name is Ali Nugraha, it turns out that on the diploma it is Ali Nugroho. Of course this will be a problem not only in Indonesia but when you are abroad especially if your passport has a different name from your e-KTP.

Then what is the solution?

The solution is to find documents whose full names are in sync between one document and another.

If you don’t find it, it also means that you have to correct one of the existing documents so that it is synchronized with the original documents such as e-KTP and birth certificates.

Hopefully this brief explanation of the mandatory requirements for submitting a new passport can be useful and useful for netizens who wants to apply for a passport. If you still have questions or if there are things that are unclear, you can ask them in the comments column below.

cabang imigrasi yang melayani pengurusan paspor melalui aplikasi paspor online - Pay attention to the 5 mandatory requirements for submitting a new passport



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