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The beach is one of the natural tourist destinations that is never boring. The expanse of blue ocean as far as the eye can see makes anyone who visits the beach as if they are able to release the burden free from the tides of the beach water. The sound of the waves giving a special energy that can restore the spirit. That is why the beach is the prima donna of natural tourism in demand.

The archipelago in Indonesia consists of beaches that have their own uniqueness. One of the beaches is a tourist attraction because it not only presents its beauty but also its uniqueness, namely Papuma Beach, Jember. Papuma Beach is precisely located in Lojejer Village, Wuluhan District, Jember Regency, East Java. This beach is still in series with the south coast area.

Price of admission

The price of admission to Papuma beach can be said to be very affordable, namely Rp. 7000-, for weekdays and Rp. 10,000-, for Sundays and other holidays. Because the ticket prices are very affordable, it is highly recommended for those who want to travel with groups or large families. Meanwhile, the parking fee is only Rp. 1000-, for two wheels, Rp. 6000-, for 4 wheels.

To be able to reach Papuma Beach location is actually quite easy because transportation and infrastructure in the form of roads provided to Papuma Beach can be accessed using private vehicles and public transportation. If from the main Jember station, Papuma Beach is only 45 km away and takes about 1.5 hours if using a private vehicle.

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Then head towards the Ambulu terminal then take the main road to Papuma Beach. It is recommended that you should use public transportation such as tour buses provided by tourist services, car rentals, or using other public transportation because the path that is traversed to Papuma Beach is prone to inclines and steep ravines of 45 degrees slope.

Interesting thing

1. Beach location is very safe and comfortable

Even though you have to pass through steep and winding roads to enjoy the charm of Papuma Beach, the condition of the beach can be said to be very safe and comfortable. The location of the beach, which is surrounded by hills and slightly sunken, makes Papuma orphanage quite safe for visitors. Moreover, those who bring their families, especially children.

2. Cafe, Resort and Restaurant

Its location which is quite far from the city center of Jember does not make Papuma Beach not have all the facilities like a classy tourist spot. Tourists who visit Papuma Beach can enjoy the charm of the beach while enjoying meals at nearby restaurants and cafes. Because there are also quite a lot of foreign tourists, resorts, hotels, or other inns are provided

3. Camping

Papuma Beach is famous for its fine white sand and the air temperature on the beach which is quite warm at night and cool enough during the day. This makes Papuma Beach quite comfortable when used as a camping place for friends or family. In addition, around the beach is also quite safe because there are already many standing inns equipped with guards.

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4. The object takes a photo

Papuma beach consists of white sand, clear water, and an arrangement of rocks on the beach as if welcoming guests. In addition, in the middle of the beach there is also a rock from the hill which was itself due to ancient sea water erosion. From the shoreline, the rock itself resembles a temple that stands in the middle of the sea. That is why you can say Papuma Beach instagramable.

5. Safe for Swimming

Due to the location of the beach jutting into the mainland, Papuma Beach is quite safe if visitors want to swim. Unlike most of the south sea beaches which are quite dangerous with crashing waves. Papuma Beach water is very clean and calm. In addition, when viewed from the top of the hill, Papuma Beach will look like an emerald green color due to the color of marine algae.

6. Diving

Papuma Beach is very suitable as a location diving. Various coral reefs, clear sea water, white sand, and various species of creatures that live in the water also complement the perfection of the beauty in the sea of ​​Papuma Beach. The calm water also makes Papuma Beach a favorite place for activities diving.

7. Traditional Boat Tours

If you look closely, on Papuma Beach there are actually 7 Coral Islands that can be reached either by traveling along the mainland which is directly connected or using water transportation. Along the lip of Papuma Beach, visitors will see various styles of traditional boats that are ready to take visitors to sail to a coral island in the middle of the sea.

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The boats belong to local residents and are rented out to visitors at an agreed rate. One boat can accommodate dozens of people and is chartered for the round trip. The boat owners are local residents who work as skilled fishermen so they don’t need to worry even though they use traditional boats.


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