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The weekend is coming, do you have a plan to fill the spare time? Too bad if it is only used to stay at home. Walking in malls has become a common thing that costs a lot of money buying this and that. Try to do nature tourism.

Want an anti-mainstream one? If you live around Malang, try to visit Teluk Putri Beach. This waterfront is still not widely publicized, therefore there are still few visitors. The water is still clear with a stunning blue gradation, plus white sand and also lush trees around it.

Entrance ticket prices at Teluk Putri Beach

The price of admission to this beach is IDR 5,000. For an additional fee, you will likely only be charged an additional IDR 5,000 for parking the vehicle. In addition, there are no additional payments.

The location of Teluk Putri Beach is in the Village of Kedungsalam Donomulyo Malang, East Java. It is located close to Ngliyep Beach. The distance from the center of Malang City is approximately 65 km to the south. It took at least 3 hours to reach this place. Access is quite easy because according to the latest information update the road to this beach has been built to be better than before.

Starting from the city center, please continue the journey to Gadang. After that, take the direction to Kendal Payak. After that, follow the directions to the Kepanjen area. At this point, there will be many instructions that will guide you to Ngliyep Beach. Well, just follow it. Only about 10 minutes from Ngliyep Beach, you will immediately find the location of Teluk Putri Beach.

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The residents around Donomulyo Village already know about the existence of this tourist attraction. For that reason, if you feel unsure and confused then ask. Usually morning to evening you will easily find local residents passing around the area.

Tourism Object on Teluk Putri Beach

There are several spots and activities that you can enjoy on this beach. What are you curious about? Here is the review!

1. Protected Forest

Coastal area adjacent to protected forest. Not only enjoying the beach and blue sea water as far as the eye can see, you can also explore the surrounding forest. For nature lovers who like to explore it is very good, or just to see the forest.

2. Soft Sand

The sand here is very soft. Playing sand, building castles, and digging can be fun activities for you and your friends. To sunbathe without using a base feels good on the body. It doesn’t hurt to run around and chase if you fall. Even though it’s soft, the sand doesn’t fly so you don’t have to worry.

3. Enjoying Twilight

Dusk on Teluk Putri Beach is very beautiful. Sit on the beach facing south and leaning slightly westward. The sunset phenomenon can be seen clearly in this position. The golden color of the sky will make you fascinated and feel at home to sit until night falls.

4. Beach Camping

This kind of place is perfect for camping activities. Bring a tent from home because there is no tent rental available here. At night, the atmosphere of intimacy with friends will be felt. Singing with the guitar by the fire will be very memorable. Accompanied by millions of stars in the sky that will make your moments even more beautiful.

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In the morning, you can still get a bonus to watch the sunrise. Wow, a complete package to enjoy a beach tourism area. The beach breeze in the morning is also good for health. It can even be used to treat asthma. Morning sea water is also believed to be able to help cure skin diseases.

5. Rest

For all of you who have busy activities, going to work in the morning and coming home in the evening, this place can be used as a place to unwind. Teluk Putri Beach visitors who are not yet crowded and combined with a supportive natural atmosphere can be a therapy in themselves. The peaceful atmosphere can really forget the hustle and bustle of the city for a while.

6. Photos

For those of you who always exist on social media, capture your moments on this beach. Unusual scenery coupled with supporting photo techniques can make the resulting image very beautiful. Lying on a stretch of sand, climbing near a reef, or using sea water as a backdrop are great suggestions for shooting.

7. Hunting for Biota

Although the Teluk Putri coastline is not long, you can find several types of coastal biota here. There are animals such as kepongpong, a type of small crab, sea urchins and others. Especially if the water is receding. You can easily find them.

Those are seven interesting things from Teluk Putri Beach that you can do while visiting. So, quickly plan with colleagues, friends, or your siblings and siblings to spend the weekend together, okay?


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