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Barelang is one of the areas on Batam Island which is famous for its beautiful natural charm. Therefore, many of them are tourists, both foreign and domestic, who flock to visit tourist attractions on this island.

Batam Island does have a charm that is quite amazing if explored deeper. If it is adjusted to its geographical conditions, the beauty offered by this one island is not far from the word oceans, beaches, and also small islands around it. One of them is Tegar Putri Beach which is one of the beaches that has not been touched by tourists and is still natural.

Entrance ticket prices at Tegar Putri Beach

For those of you who are interested in traveling to Tegar Putri Beach, it’s a good idea to prepare everything properly. One of them is related to finance. For those of you who come from outside this area, you may have to prepare more money to rent this and that.

Talking about the price of admission to this beach, it is actually quite affordable. You do not need to spend a nominal hundred thousand in your wallet. Especially for adult visitors, it is enough to pay Rp. 10,000 per person.

However, if you bring children there will be an additional fee. Where is calculated from half the price of adult visitors, which is IDR 5,000 per child. In addition, if you bring a private vehicle. Take it easy, there will be no parking fee here. Because the entrance ticket includes the parking fee. Therefore, the tourist attraction here is counted cheap.

Do you want to travel to Tegar Putri Beach? Maybe you should know the route to Tegar Putri Beach first. This beach is actually still in the area of ​​Galang Baru Island. Where only connected with the Barelang bridge. It is right at the very end of a group of islands connected by a bridge.

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Tegar Putri Beach is also still in the Barelang area 6. Where is located after Viovio Beach which is located on the 5 Barelang Bridge. Based on this area, you have to cover a distance of approximately 20 minutes to get to the destination.

However, if you take the route from the Batu Aji area. Then, you will spend about 1 hour to that location. After that, you will arrive at the Barelang 6 bridge. Where there is Hasyim’s twin towers. Then, about 500 meters from the tower there will be another tower that welcomes you to the right.

In addition, on the left side there is a road leading to Tegar Putri Beach. So, you should take the left side which is marked by a large banner. If estimated from the direction of Bridge 6, it only takes 15 minutes. If you want to try a special alternative by boat, you can take the route from PT. PARI.

A little advice for those of you who want to travel here, you should bring your own vehicle. This is due to the absence of public transportation to the location of Tegar Putri Beach. Besides that, you also have to be careful because the roads are still rocky and sandy.

Tegar Putri Beach Tourism Object

The area around Tegar Putri Beach is known for its unspoiled and untouched nuances. However, on the other hand, it also takes an extra struggle to enjoy the very tip of this enchanting Galang Island.

But, take it easy even though later on your way you will be blocked by roads that are still not suitable for visitors to pass. You will be enchanted by the natural beauty of Tegar Putri Beach. So, what are the beauty charms of this beach? Come on, just take a look at the following reviews.

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1. Connected Bridge

Its location which is right at the very end of the cluster of islands in the Galang Baru Island area makes the location access to Tegar Putri beach connected to the Barelang bridge. To be precise on bridge 6.Therefore, you will cross bridge 5 first and then go to bridge 6.

2. Still Natural

Actually, Tegar Putri Beach is still relatively new, it was only opened two years ago, namely in 2016, right in January. So, it is only natural that there are not so many visitors to this beach. The location is also located at the very end compared to other beaches on Batam Island.

The scenery on this beach is also classified as still natural and shady. Because there are so many trees that grow in this area. Anyway, it is perfect for those of you who want to enjoy relaxing time with family.

3 There are Big Trees

Because the coastline is quite long, the atmosphere of Tegar Putri Beach is overgrown by large trees in the environment around the beach. Which makes the air cool enough when taking shelter under the big tree.

4. Suitable for Swimming

For those of you who like beach sports such as swimming. You can try it on this Tegar Putri Beach. This is because this beach is included in the type of seaside land with sloping conditions. Even though there are several places where there are sharp rocks, they are still classified as safe for swimming activities.

Especially when the sea water is in high tide. So, you don’t have to go very far when doing these activities. However, if the sea water is receding, then you need to walk towards the middle of the sea to get enough water for swimming. However, you must still be careful.

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5. Sufficiently Complete Facilities

As discussed in the explanation above, the beach conditions are still relatively new. Even though it is relatively new, the facilities available at Tegar Putri Beach are quite complete. This can be seen from the main facilities that are already available and you can use it.

Such as toilets, bathrooms for rinsing, small prayer rooms and stalls to buy snacks are also available around the location. In addition, there are also some trash bins that are good enough for visitors. So, visitors will not litter which will make the beach dirty.

6. There is a gazebo

For those of you who want to make the atmosphere more relaxing. Maybe you need to rent a gazebo that is widely available around Tegar Putri Beach. The rental fee is quite cheap, you only need to prepare IDR 50,000. So, playing on the beach will be more comfortable when using a gazebo.

7. White Sand

One of the charms of Tegar Putri Beach that is no less beautiful than other beaches is its white sand which looks still natural and clean. So, it is perfect for those of you who want to do sunbathing activities while gazing at the beautiful waves and the blue ocean. Wow, tastes like tasting vitamin sea huh?

Well, that was some information about the charm of Tegar Putri Beach that you shouldn’t miss as your tourist destination. Anyway, you will not regret visiting the beach.


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