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Tulungagung is the capital of Tulungagung Regency in East Java Province with a total area of ​​10.83 square kilometers. This city is known for its various tourist objects ranging from various forests to various marine tourism, namely beaches. Tourism in this city continues to grow with the support of the government and also the colors that always support it. One of the marine tourism objects here is Sine Beach which is located in Kalibatur, Kalidawir, Tulungagung Regency. Sine Beach is known for its fishing village and its clean white sand. The residents there are known to be friendly when visitors come to the beach and even often rent out their house as a place to stay the night.

Price of admission to Sine Beach

The price set at Sine Beach is IDR 10,000 per person with an additional parking fee, but this is subject to change. The rates charged by officers for visitors are adjusted to the day visited, namely weekdays or weekend. Costs for weekend and public holidays and holidays of major celebrations are definitely more expensive than the price of a weekday ticket. For parking fees, normal rates are charged like parking in general, but it is still difficult to come by big bus. The condition of the road to the beach is actually good, but the terrain is uphill and turns sharp so it is very dangerous for the bus. It is recommended that you come using a private vehicle such as a car or motorbike and be careful. The facilities provided include a bathroom with an adequate number and normal fees. The bathroom really helps those of you who visit with the aim of wanting to camp with friends with a full 24 hour service. In addition, a prayer room is also provided which you can use to worship while on Sine Beach. A vehicle parking area is also provided so that you can park your vehicle safely in the beach area at a certain rate. With all the facilities at Sine Beach, you no longer need to hesitate to come to Sine Beach. In addition, on the beach there are many restaurants that are ready to feed your stomach after you are tired of playing on the beach.

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The distance from the city center to Sine Beach is only 30 kilometers and takes about one hour. This distance is said to be quite close when compared to the distance from the city center to the beach which can take up to three hours. Travel time is also determined by road conditions and the driving skill of the person driving and the route will be explained below. From Jalan Tulungagung – Blitar turn left towards Jalan Pesantren, then continue to follow the current and then turn right. After that turn left towards Jalan Raya Tambakrejo, after tracing the road approximately four kilometers turn right. At that time you enter Jalan Raya Sambidoplang, then after a lime kilometer turn right onto Jalan Raya Karangtalun. Then, after walking for about six kilometers, turn to the left and this is where the road starts to twist. Not only winding, there are several points of the road that are also uphill so you have to be careful and concentrate. After that turn right towards Jalan Pantai Sine, with a distance of two kilometers from there, you will set foot on Sine Beach.

Tourism Object on Sine Beach

1. Cliffs

This cliff on Sine Beach is a clear spring and is always kept clean by local residents. This cliff is around the beach and it presents a beautiful view because it is above so that the beach is visible. You can capture the moment by taking a photo on the cliff, but you have to be careful.

2. Protection Forest

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In addition to the cliffs that drain the water, there are also protected forests around the Sine Beach location which is a special attraction. You can visit this forest as well as visit Sine Beach, the green scenery and shady trees give its own coolness. Not only that, the natural air in the protected forest will give freshness to the body.

3. Spot Sunrise

One of the things that are now in vogue or the slang hitz in all circles, especially teenagers, namely hunting for the rising sun. This is often done by people who like the view of the rising sun and the beach is one of the locations. Sine Beach is known as a giver sunrise which is exotic and known as Balinya Kota Tulungagung. You can come to Sine Beach before sunrise so you can witness its beauty sunrise south of Tulungagung. For this activity, make sure you bring a tool that can be used to capture the beautiful sunrise like smartphone or camera. After enjoying sunrise, do healthy activities like jogging around the beach.


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