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Talking about tourism in Malang City is endless. There are Bromo, Batu Secret Zoo, Museum of Transport, and others. Everything is very interesting, but have you ever thought about looking at a tour that hasn’t been visited much? Beach for example. You need to know that Malang City also has a row of beach attractions that are too bad to miss.

Want to know the beautiful and beautiful beaches that you can visit? The name is Selok Beach. From the name alone, you can imagine the word “beautiful”, can you not imagine how beautiful it will be? Want to know more about this tourist spot? Check out the next explanation!

Entrance ticket prices at Selok Beach

Only by paying IDR 5,000 per person you can enter this beach safely and comfortably. Want to come together, please. It’s possible that you will get a special ticket price because it brings so many visitors.

The beach which is managed by LMDH (Forest Village Community Institution) is located in Wonolestari, Bandungrejo Village, Bantur District, Malang Regency, East Java Province. Precisely 500 meters to the west of Kondang Merak Beach. There are two alternatives that can be chosen to get there, namely by public transportation or by driving a private vehicle.

If you choose to use public transportation, get ready to look for an ojek from Malang City. Travel with one ojek and two times by angkot. Approximately Rp.70,000.00 was spent. The route is not through dangerous and difficult roads, so you don’t have to worry.

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If using your own vehicle from the city center, please head south to get to the Gadang area. At that point, look for the directions that show the way to Bululawang. Just keep going straight until Krebet. After that, go to Gondanglegi or Balekambang Beach. When you arrive, just go straight 5 km until you find Kondang Merak Beach.

From there, park the vehicle and walk approximately 500 meters. Well, now you have arrived. It’s not difficult, isn’t it the route? What are you waiting for, immediately make plans to go to this beach. But if you visit in the rainy season, be careful! Because, it is prone to accidents because it is very slippery.

Tourism Object on Selok Beach

There are various tourist attractions on this beach, you want to do anything you can! For details, see the following explanation!

1. Rock

If you want to have a style tour with Batu Karang, please go straight to this place! The corals are so sturdy and amazing. The most interesting thing is that this coral shape is like a frog. For just taking pictures and hitchhiking, all can be!

2. Prewedding photos

If you happen to be looking for an anti-mainstream spot to do pre-wedding photos, then try to go to Selok Beach. Want to take pictures while lying on the soft and white sand or want to take pictures with a sea background, all you can do.

3. Beach Sports

If you like adventure while exercising, there is nothing wrong with coming with friends while carrying volleyball. Playing beach volleyball with a relative or friend is sure to be a lot of fun.

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4. Beach Picnic

Tired of picnicking in city parks or on the ground? You can open a mat or cloth by the beach. Sitting on top of it while chatting and eating snacks together will certainly be very exciting.

5. Camping

For nature lovers who like to do activities in the wild, you and your friends can come here. Set up a tent and spend the night here while building intimacy with all friends in the community. For outbound it’s okay, for adventure at night is also okay. Even better, when the night is bright, the millions of stars in the sky can amaze anyone who sees it.

6. Calm Down

If you want to enjoy quality time by yourself and want peace, then come to Selok Beach on weekdays or weekdays. This beach is still quite quiet, so it’s perfect for you to be quiet, calm down, or even do some therapy. For beach yoga too.

7. Banyu Meneng Beach

This beach is located right next to Selok Beach. You can play at once and you don’t need to pay for tickets again. Enough IDR 5,000, – when paid earlier. As the name implies, the water is calmer so you can shower and swim. It’s not like when at Selok Beach where the waves are big, so you can’t throw yourself into the water.

Those are various tourist objects and interesting activities that can be done on the most beautiful beaches in Malang district. Very interesting right? Just schedule it with relatives, friends, or classmates! As long as it is still not very popular and the water is still very clean.

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