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Lombok, one of the tourist destinations after Bali. Many tourists flock to Lombok, both local and foreign tourists. The famous tourism in Lombok is the beauty and authenticity of its beaches. One of the beaches in Lombok which is a favorite destination for tourists is Seger Beach. This beach is located in Sukedane Village, Pujut, Central Lombok Regency, NTT.

This beach consists of several parts, each of which has its own characteristics. This part is the middle part which is commonly referred to as seger one, then the south side which is known as seger dua. Furthermore, the northern part, the waves and currents in each part are different. The currents and waves are calm in the north and south and vice versa in the middle.

Entrance ticket prices at Seger Beach

Getting to Seger Beach is quite cheap, around IDR 5,000 for a motorbike, and IDR 10,000 if you drive a car.

Seger Beach can be reached by motorized vehicle. If you are from an international airport located in the Praya area, you can reach Seger Beach in just 30 minutes. If you are at Kuta Beach, then you want to continue to Seger Beach, you only need 15 minutes to reach it. If from the direction of Senggigi, about 1.5 hours to reach Seger Beach, while from Mataram it takes about 1 hour to reach this beach. Then to enter the center of the beach, you can pass from the north side. Meanwhile, to enter the southern coast, you can go through the south side.

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Tourism Object on Seger Beach

1. Community Legend

Developing community legends about Seger Beach, namely about the story of Princess Mandalika, a royal princess who is very beautiful in face and character. Making many princes from other kingdoms want to edit it. Their proposal was submitted, and all the prince’s applications were accepted by the princess. However, things beyond the expectations of the princess happened.

The princes finally competed with each other, not only that, they then agreed to hold a war to fight for the princess and make her a wife. Hearing the news, the princess was not willing. The princess did not want war, division or bloodshed. Not wanting all of these things to happen, the princess did something.

Princess Mandalika threw herself into the sea. And the princess disappeared. However, not long ago, beautiful sea worms appeared in the place where the princess plunged herself. So that the sea worms called nyale are believed to be the incarnation or reincarnation of Princess Mandalika. This belief has grown until recently.

To remember the legend and honor Princess Mandalika, a monument to Princess Mandalika was built. Not only the princess, but a statue of three princes was also built with her in the northern part of Seger Beach. Not only that, based on the developing legend, local people also call this Seger Beach as the Legendary Princess Nyale Beach.

2. Bau Nyale Festival

The growing festival is related to the community legend that circulates about Princess Mandalika transforming into nyale, or sea worms. This festival is held from February to March. The festival can be done by anyone, including local and foreign tourists. The Bau Nyale Festival is held by catching as many nyale (sea worms) as possible. Did you know that this worm is rich in protein, so that the people around this worm are then cooked and consumed.

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3. Waves For Surfing Lovers

The waves are large enough and clear that Seger Beach has in the middle. For those of you who like surfing, you must taste the waves at this Seger Beach.

4. Spot Snorkeling, Swimming, or Playing Canoeing

When compared to the center, Seger Beach, the northern and southern parts of the beach, have fairly calm waves and currents. It is safe for you to do light water sports activities, such as canoeing, swimming or snorkeling, because the marine life in Seger Beach is also diverse and beautiful. If it’s low tide, you can walk up to the middle of the sea, but you have to be careful and alert.

5. Mushroom stone / stone Tengkong

Located in the southern part of Seger Beach. It is called a mushroom stone or tengkong because of its mushroom-like shape. This stone is the main attraction for tourists to see it firsthand and take pictures.

6. Bukit Seger Enjoys the Beauty of the Beach from the Top of the Hill

You can enjoy the whole beach landscape by climbing the fresh hill which is sloping.

7. Beautiful White Sand Beach

Seger Beach, one of the white sand beaches with a smooth to medium texture. Combined with hills and clear sea water, this makes Seger Beach even more beautiful to look at.

8. Sea Water Still Blue

The sea water of Seger Beach has not been polluted, so the color is still clear blue, with different waves and currents in each part of this beach.

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9. Beautiful Sunset

One of the places to enjoy the sunset clearly is the beach. And Seger Beach offers this beauty.

10. Diverse Photo Spot

Consisting of several parts with their respective characteristics, making those of you who visit will get a variety of photo backgrounds that make you not bored.

As the name implies, Seger Beach, a beach that makes you refreshed with its beautiful panorama to the legends circulating in the community. The northern part with a statue of Princess Mandalika, the southern part with its mushroom stones, and the middle part with waves for surfing lovers. So much to offer this beach, right? So what are you waiting for, Pantai Seger is waiting for you.


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