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As the name suggests, a relaxing beach is very well suited to be used as a choice for relaxing the mind. The water is seductive light blue and will spoil the eyes and body of anyone who stops by this place. Location white sand beach It’s also not too far from the center of Ambon City so you don’t need to be afraid if you waste too much time on the road.

Even though it is not as popular as other beaches in Ambon, that does not mean that Pantai Santai is not worth a visit. On the contrary, this beach has a charm and exoticism that can make tourists feel at home for a long time here. And the small number of visitors is a plus for those of you who are looking for peace, because you can swim freely without fear of being disturbed.

Entrance Ticket Prices for Relaxing Beach

Entrance ticket rates in the Pantai Santai area can be said to be very cheap, when compared to the beautiful panorama offered by this place. With only IDR 5,000 / person, you can enter Pantai Santai freely. So, backpackers with mediocre budgets who are in Ambon, don’t forget to visit Santai Beach.

Pantai Santai is located on Jalan Amanhuse, Latuhalat Village, Nusaniwe District, Ambon City, Maluku. For a more complete location, you can check the GPS at the coordinates 64CG + R2. The distance is only about 17 km from Ambon City, or approximately 30 minutes if it is reached by motor vehicle. To get to this place, you can rent a vehicle or take an angkot.

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If you want to save money and are traveling alone, you can take public transportation as an alternative. The route is, looking for angkot at Mardika terminal, Ambon. Then take the route to Latulahat Village, whose angkot is dark green. At the top of the angkot, there is usually the writing Latulahat. If you can’t find it, you can ask local residents.

Attractions on the Relaxing Beach

1. Swimming

Swimming is the main activity that should not be missed when visiting a beach. Especially if the view is as beautiful as Pantai Relax, it will be a huge loss if you don’t swim. The edge of the Relaxing Beach can be said to be quite shallow so recommended for swimming use, even by small children.

2. Picnic

Pantai Santai is also suitable as a destination for a picnic with your lover or family. To make the natural atmosphere more pronounced, you can bring a mat and sit in the shade of coconut trees. But if you want to be more practical, you can, just rent a joglo in the beachside area. How, it must be very interesting, right?

3. Photo Hunting

One of the basic things a person does when visiting a new tourist destination is hunting for epic photos. And Pantai Santai is the place to be worth it to do these activities. There are several unique and different photo spots here, which are sure to make your photographer’s soul very motivated to start.

4. Snorkeling

Lovers of underwater beauty can also vent their longing for marine life on Pantai Santai. Colorful coral reefs and various types of fish live under these waters. For equipment problems, you also don’t need to worry, because here there are several snorkeling equipment rental places at low prices, starting at IDR 300,000.

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5. Honeymoon

Pantai Santai can be said to be quite quiet, especially on weekdays. Those of you who come to Ambon to celebrate your honeymoon can also make this place an option. There are several inns with quite complete facilities and affordable prices around the beach. It’s definitely an event honeymoon would be more fun, right?

6. Go around by Speed ​​Boat

There is a speed boat rental place in the Pantai Santai area which can be an alternative around this bay. Especially if you come with a group, surely this tour will be even more exciting. Regarding the price, you don’t need to worry about the bag being broken. Because the rates can be said to be very friendly with backpackers’ wallets.

7. Pre-wedding

Although Pantai Santai has a very small size, that does not mean it is not good for holding pre-wedding photo shoots. Precisely because size mini that’s what makes this place look even more unique. With the blue background of the ocean and rows of green hills on the right and left, this location is like a private beach.

For lovers of cheap traveling and happen to be on a mission to explore the Maluku Islands, especially Ambon. Don’t miss a visit to the tiny Relaxing Beach nan this captivating. Guaranteed not to feel sorry.


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