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East Java Province is serious about developing tourism in its area, such as cities there, one of which is Tulungagung City. For those who have never been to this city, they will definitely ask what tourist objects are here. Tulungagung City now has marine tourism such as various beaches and is ready to welcome visitors with its natural charm.

One of the beaches that has begun to develop in Tulungagung City is Sanggar Beach which is located in Jegglungharjo, Tanggung Gunung. This beach is classified as a new tourist attraction so that it is not yet crowded with domestic tourists, especially foreign tourists. Sanggar Beach is a beach with white sand and clean and far from dirty words of rubbish.

Price of admission

If you want to do holiday activities without spending a fortune, just come to Sanggar Beach because the tickets are free. On this beach, there is no tariff applied to every visitor who comes because it is not very touched. The cheap rate is very suitable to be visited especially by the guests traveler with budget minimal.

This beach is still in one line with other beaches in Tulungagung City such as Ngalur Beach and Sine Beach. Its location which is in line with other tourist objects helps you to simultaneously visit the three beaches in turn. Tulungagung City Government has not paid attention to Sanggar Beach, so the tourism object has not yet developed.

One of the reasons this beach is rarely visited is that the access road to reach the location is quite steep even though the road is paved. Not only that, when you come to Sanggar Beach you cannot bring a vehicle with more than two wheels. Passing the road access provided can only use two-wheeled vehicles such as motorbikes, so you have to be careful.

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According to visitors who have come, the terrain of the road will get worse when it rains because the ground will become mud. Please note that there is still some soil between the paved roads so you are always advised to be careful. However, after going through quite steep and tiring terrain, you will be given a view of the beautiful charming beach.

If you don’t have the courage to ride your own motorbike, you can park the vehicle that was brought at the house of one of the residents. Then you continue the journey on foot or order a local ojek that is around the location. This is very helpful for visitors, especially women who are still afraid when passing roads with challenging terrain.

Sanggar Beach is located from the city center, which is about 40 kilometers, and takes about an hour and a few minutes. This is adjusted to the conditions of the road when you go and what speed you are racing at that time. The route that must be followed is to travel on Jalan Pesantren then after two kilometers turn right.

After about one kilometer turn left onto Jalan Raya Tambakrejo then continue to follow the road for four kilometers. Then turn right towards Jalan Raya Sambidoplang, follow the current of the existing road then turn right when you find the District Office. By then you have arrived at Jalan Raya Karangtalun and have traveled 24 kilometers, you will arrive at Sanggar Beach.

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Interesting thing

1. White Sand Beach

On the island of Java, the beach is identical to the brown sand, but it is different from Sanggar Beach in Tulungagung. This beach has a white sand color and is also clean, avoiding various garbage that contaminates its naturalness. The sand on this beach is safe to use for playing, especially if you come with your little one who likes playing sand.

2. Coral

Sanggar Beach has many large corals, even the coral is not far from the beach so that visitors can see it. This coral prevents waves from breaking into the visitor area, this reef is a barrier to the arrival of large waves. Apart from having that function, the reef also allows visitors to see directly the waves that hit the sea.

3. Ornamental fish and sea urchins

Another tourist attraction offered by Sanggar Beach is the sight of small sea fish around the shoreline. Not only that, you can also get other marine animals such as sea urchins when you come to the studio. You can see this view through the coral around the beach, it is recommended to always maintain safety because the beach is quiet.

4. Location Camping

One of the activities that young people often do on the beach is camping or camping with friends. Likewise things that can be done at Sanggar Beach, here you and all your relatives can camp at one with nature. The place is still quiet and beautiful, giving a beautiful impression to all visitors, especially the campers.

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5. Spot Sunset and Sunrise

Regarding these two things, the beach does not need to be doubted because it always provides beautiful views of the sunrise and sunset. You only need to adjust which time you want to enjoy by arriving early before sunrise or sunset arrived. Don’t forget to capture this fun moment with your camera or smatrphone which is owned.



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