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The coastal beaches in the Ambon Island area have their own charm because the area is not too exposed and is still quiet. The condition is still clean and natural, so the view that is served looks natural. All these natural beauties will not be as satisfied if seen only on the glass screen. The charm of nature on the island of Ambon can satisfy your eyes, which can also refresh a saturated mind.

One of the beauties that you can enjoy is Pintu Kota Beach, this beach has a distinctive object that you cannot find on other beaches. Just as the name suggests, this beach has an object shaped like a gate. This gate is formed in the middle of the rock due to the scouring process by sea waves, thus we can see the Banda Sea through the gate.

Entrance ticket prices at the City Door Beach

Pintu Kota Beach is one of the beaches that has an attraction for hiking lovers, even though the beach has an object that is an icon of the city but the price set for retribution is still affordable, you only need to pay IDR 4,000 rupiah to enter the beach area plus a fee parking is IDR 1,000 for motorbikes and IDR 5,000 for cars.

Pintu Kota Beach is located on Ambon Island, precisely in Nusaniwe District. This location can be reached by several routes, the first route can be taken from Ambon City Center, from Ambon City you have to travel 45 km by car, motorbike or public transportation to Airlouw Village. Public vehicles that go to Airlouw Village are marked in red with the writing Airlouw on the vehicle. The price is set quite cheap, only Rp. 3,000 rupiah for each person who rides the angkot.

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There are two routes that must be taken by beach hunters, namely paved roads and rocky roads. Paved roads can be found only to the village boundaries, then rocky roads must be reached on foot. Pintu Kota Beach is one of the rocky beaches with a little sand on the beach. The trip must be over a steep slope. The road is slippery and steep, so to avoid accidents when walking, you must wear supportive footwear.

If you come from outside Ambon Island, you can fly and land at Pattimura Airport which is located 9 km from Ambon City, then you can take a taxi or other public transportation to Ambon City with a normal fare of Rp. 200,000. Ambon City is a city center which is famous to foreign countries for its natural beauty that is so natural.

Tourism Object on Pintu Kota Beach

1. Gate or Door

The landform in the form of a cliff jutting out into the sea makes the cliff eroded and has a hole, the hole resembles the welcome gates at the entrance to the city. The stone has become a distinctive icon that characterizes the coast and the city. The Banda Sea that slams wide can be seen through the gap adding to the soothing beauty of the eye.

2. Rock Landscape and Waves

The cliffs that jut out towards the sea are yellowish brown in stark contrast to the turquoise color of the sea water adding to the exoticism of the scenery. The waves that hit the cliff form a beautiful pounding because there are waves that pass and some are blocked by the cliffs. The flutter adds to the freshness of the beach atmosphere.

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3. Snorkeling and Diving

Apart from the beautiful landscape, this beach also has beauty under the sea. This rocky type of beach has a beautiful coral ecosystem, you can do snorkeling just to see the reefs and small fish that live there. You can also dive to enjoy the ecosystem around these rocks.

4. Around the coast by Speedboat

Pintu Kota Beach prohibits tourists from swimming on the beach because the waves are quite fast and the type of beach is sharp rocky. Therefore you can enjoy the beauty of the beach from the edge or you can rent a fisherman’s speedboat to get around through the iconic stone gate of the beach.

5. Shooting

The beauty of this beach is usually used for shooting. The photo shoot is done for pre-wedding, for advertising a product or shooting for photographers who want to reveal every curve of this natural beauty. But you have to be careful because the rocks on the beach have sharp angles.

6. Seafood

Every tourist spot is unattractive if it does not have special foods that attract tourists’ attention. Pintu Kota Beach has seafood dishes that you must try when visiting there. You can find typical Ambonese grilled fish, healthy soup, papeda, rarobang coffee and durian red bean ice at the nearest restaurant to fill your empty stomach.

7. Sunset

Pintu Kota Beach has a strategic location to enjoy the view at dusk. The sunset seen from the beach can be seen clearly from this beach. Around the beach, there are homestays that you can rent to rest while enjoying the sunset. Pintu Kota Beach has operating hours from 06.00 am to 8.00 pm.

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Those are the few reviews about Pintu Kota Beach, which is in the center of Ambon City, with the characteristic eroded rock forming a gate that you can enjoy its beauty without spending a lot of money in your pocket. If you visit Ambon City, you must take the time to visit even if it’s just to enjoy the sunset. After the beach you can eat a variety of specialties at the restaurant around the beach.


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