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Nature tourism whose charm never fades to Indonesians is the beach. Where it is widely spread in several areas such as Cilacap, Malang, Pacitan, Jakarta, Jogja, Bali, Jakarta, Batam and so on, which have many mainstay beaches for tourists.

One of the beaches that has been widely known by tourists is Payung Beach located in Kampung Melayu No. 47, RT 2 RW 2, Batu Besar Village, Nongsa District, Batam. The name Payung Beach actually sounds very common, yes, because apart from Batam Island, there are other tourist objects that use almost the same name. For example, like Payung Beach in Bali.

Entrance ticket prices at Payung Beach

Payung Beach in Batam is famous for its own uniqueness which attracts both domestic and foreign tourists to visit. For those of you who are interested in making Payung Beach one of your main destinations to fill your vacation and ask about the entrance ticket price.

Take it easy to have a vacation at Payung Beach in Batam, which does not require expensive costs. You only need to pay an entrance ticket ranging from IDR 5,000 – IDR 10,000 per person and plus the parking fee that is usually asked by the manager there, around IDR 1,000 to IDR 5,000. This parking fee applies to those of you who bring private vehicles to that place.

However, when certain days, such as long holidays or certain holidays, the price of admission to Payung Beach usually increases but can still be reached by you. Even though the increase does not dampen your interest in visiting the beach, right?

In addition, there is no time limit to enjoy the view on Payung Beach. So you can freely visit at any time. Whether it’s afternoon or evening or morning, Pantai Payung remains open to welcome you.

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For those of you who want to visit Payung Beach, but feel confused about the route that leads there. You can rely on Hang Nadim International Airport. Where is only about 6 to 7 km using private vehicles or taxis. This is because public transportation around Batam tends to be rarely found.

After that, visitors are directed to follow the path from Jalan Hang Nadim. Then, turn to the right again to Jalan Hang Tuah and go back to the right which follows Jalan Hang Kesturi. Your vehicle only needs to turn left twice afterwards before finding the coastal location of this attraction.

Payung Beach itself is actually lined with the coast in this coastal area of ​​Batam Island. One of them includes Ketapang Beach, Melayu Besar Beach, and also Boneta Beach.

Tourism Object on Payung Beach

Each beach has its own allure to attract tourists to visit the beach. One of them is this umbrella beach. Where can be the most exciting place to relax in the style of contemporary beaches on Batam Island.

Besides relaxing, you can also enjoy the beautiful panorama that you can enjoy while relaxing here. In addition, there are also other uniqueness that keeps tourists making this tourist attraction one of their tourist destinations.

1. Adjacent to Kampung Melayu

Who doesn’t know a famous village known as Kampung Melayu. Well, this Payung Beach is located quite close to the village. Where it is considered a historic place and inhabited by Malay people who come from various regions on the island of Sumatra.

Therefore, of course it is an added value for tourists because besides enjoying the beautiful beach atmosphere, they can also visit historical places. Of course, it can add to your photo spots, right?

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2. Gazebo

Pantai Payung also displays another uniqueness, namely that there are many gazebos that are lined up on the beach. For those of you who want to enjoy relaxing time on the beach, you can take advantage of this one facility.

3. Natural Shades

Even though it is located in a developed city area, the managers of Batam Payung Beach still maintain its natural nuances that seem natural. So, it will make visitors spoiled with its natural charm and do not feel disappointed when visiting this tourist attraction.

4. Sunset or Sunrise

For those of you who often hunt for beach views at sunset or sunrise, of course Payung Beach is one of the tourist attractions that you must visit. This is because it displays a nice view when in these conditions. The nuance of changing time from a dark sky to light or vice versa is certainly suitable for you to enjoy.

Apart from that, you can also capture it with your best camera and make it your flagship photo on social media.

5. Green Trees

Usually in the coastal area, there are very rarely green trees lined up neatly. However, this is the exception for Payung Beach, which on the edge of it still maintains its green natural conditions. So, it doesn’t look arid and makes the beach atmosphere cool because of the gentle sea breeze.

In addition, while taking shelter under these trees, of course, you can enjoy the view of the blue sea freely without fearing that your skin will turn black later.

6. Playing Swing

For those of you who have small children and are very happy to play on the swing. Maybe, you can take him to this Batam Payung Beach. Because here there are also swings which are still in traditional form. So, it will make the children feel at home while playing on the swing here.

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7. Blue Sea View

The sea is synonymous with blue, which looks beautiful to the eye. With a view of the blue sea on Payung Beach, of course, anyone who looks will be fascinated by this one God’s creation. This is because the color of the water, when viewed from a high place, will look like a nice bluish stretch of color.

In addition, it can also make you feel tired after work or other strenuous activities because of witnessing this unusual sight. You can also capture it with your camera, so that at any time it can be a reminder that you have visited this Payung Beach.

8. Underwater Realm

Apart from showing the beauty of the coastal area, the beauty of the underwater scenery is actually no less cool. This is because in the underwater world Payung Beach still looks beautiful and has not been touched by anyone. So, the natural condition is still intact, making it suitable for studying the underwater variety of this beach.

For those of you who have a hobby of diving, you can also dive in the underwater world of Payung Beach. Because you will be spoiled with views of the fish and beautiful coral reefs.

Well, that was a review of the beauty of Payung Beach on Batam Island. For those of you who want to fill your vacation time, it’s better to just visit Payung Beach.


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