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Pekalongan has so many tourist attractions that you can visit such as Slamaran Beach, Depok Beach, Wonokerto Beach, Pasir Kencana Beach and others. One of the most famous is the beauty of the Pasir Kencana Beach in Pekalongan. The beautiful natural panorama and the cleanliness of the beaches are a strong attraction for tourists to visit to enjoy the beauty of Pekalongan Sand Beach. . Location of Pasir Kencana Beach. The location of Pasir Kencana Beach is only about 4.5 kilometers or about 20 minutes away from Pekalongan, precisely on Jalan Pantai, Wonokerto, Pekalongan. Pasir Kencana Beach is adjacent to the Indonesian fish auction or fishing port on the North Coast of Java. Pasir Kencana Beach Tour. Besides enjoying the beauty of the beach in the morning, swimming in the afternoon, there are many activities that you can enjoy when doing the Pasir Kencana Beach Tour. One of the most popular is enjoying the beautiful view of a sunset or a romantic sunset from the bridge of love. Oh yes, at Pasir Kencana Beach, you can also find monthly performances that are held every Kliwon Friday … Pasir Kencana Beach Tourism Object. You can enjoy the beauty of the tourist attraction of Pasir Kencana Beach by paying an entrance ticket which is classified as very cheap. The ticket price for Pasir Kencana Beach is IDR 2,000 / person for Monday-Friday and IDR 2,500 / person (Saturday night), and IDR 5,000 / person on Sundays and holidays. In addition, every visitor is also given security and safety insurance while on Pantai Pasir Kencana. There are various kinds of Pasir Kencana Beach Tourism Objects that can be enjoyed while on vacation here, namely :. . Fish auction. Near Pasir Kencana Beach, to be more precise at the Nusantara Fishery Port, North Coast of Central Java, there is a fish auction. So, for those who like to eat fish, it’s a good idea to go there to see the fresh fish catch. Love Bridge. On the edge of the beach there is a unique bridge called “Jembatan Cinta”. This bridge is very good for taking pictures. And don’t forget to feel the very romantic sensation when you walk along this bridge with your loved ones … Other Pantai Pasir Kencana Attractions that you can enjoy are fish ponds, temples, crematoriums, mangrove parks, beach sports, and others. . Facilities at Pasir Kencana Beach. In addition to the fish auction and the Love Bridge, at Pasir Kencana Beach there are also various facilities that make it easier for visitors and support a variety of creativity. The first is the art stage. Usually this stage is used for dangdut concerts and monthly performances on Friday Kliwon. In this place you can also find water rickshaws, and there are many food stalls that provide snacks as well as benches made of concrete. There is also a bathroom for visitors to take a shower. There is also a prayer room for visitors who want to pray. For the parking area, don’t worry, Pasir Kencana Beach provides a large parking area … Lodging at Pasir Kencana Beach, Pekalongan. For those of you who come from out of town and have traveled quite a long way, or who want to enjoy the beauty of Pasir Kencana Beach for more than just 1 day, the management has provided several hotels near the beach for lodging. There are many hotels in this place that you can choose from, such as: Hotel Horison Pekalongan, Namira Syariah Hotel Pekalongan, and Pesonna Hotel Pekalongan. Of course, with different prices and facilities … Location of Pasir Kencana Beach. The address of Pantai Pasir Kencana Pekalongan is located on Jl Pantai, Wonokerto, Pekalongan. You can enjoy the beautiful white sandy blue beach and all the tourist objects with the Pasir Kencana Pekalongan Beach ticket, which is a very cheap ticket price. This beach is open to the public from 06.00 WIB to 21.00 WIB.

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