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regarding Pancer Puger Beach, Jember, East Java, you will see the tremendous waves on this Pancer Puger beach. Pancer beach is a fishing village located in Puger District, Jember Regency, East Java. why is it called a fishing village, because puger is the center for the best fish producer in the city of Jember, besides having beautiful beaches, Pancer puger beaches also have a very high lighthouse that is a characteristic of Pancer puger beach .. Besides that in the western part there are islands that are not inhabited, namely the island of Nusa Barong, and to the south there is the Kucur Hill, to reach the Kucur hill it is enough to take a fishing boat which is indeed provided to take visitors to Kucur Hill, and the rate is quite affordable, namely Rp.10,000.In this kucur hill there is a former Dutch bath , if the visitors want to take a bath, it is better if you want to take a bath in this Kucur hill because the water is very fresh, in addition to the baths on the kucur hill there are also the largest variety of animals, namely monkeys, if you visit this Kucur hill don’t forget to bring food to give to the animals , this can be a special attraction for visitors … Near Kucur Hill, there is PELAWANGAN (door) why is it called a crater rim because it is a place where fishermen who are looking for fish enter and exit, and in this crater rim, fresh water and salt water meet. here in this crater rim a concrete fence is used to break the waves … The rates that are collected at Pancer Puger Beach are quite cheap, namely Rp.5,500 and motorbike parking Rp.3,000. The fish products are diverse, including tuna, tuna, lemuru, squid, shrimp and many others, so visitors are guaranteed not to be disappointed because TPI always provides fresh fish caught by fishermen.

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