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Medan is one of the bustling industrial cities in Indonesia, the largest city on the island of Sumatra which is located in North Sumatra, as well as home to the Batak tribe, Lake Toba which is famous for its natural beauty and its unique Samosir Island does offer a million endless charms starting from tourism culture, customs, culinary to nature and marine tourism.

Some of the famous marine natural attractions in the capital of North Sumatra Province are Pantai Cermin, Bali Lestari Beach to Pantai Mutiara. This beach with natural nature elements is indeed managed by the Serbaini family and local residents with the help of road access from the government where the location is far from the crowd so that it makes a vacation feel on a remote island.

The beach with natural facilities in the form of a wide stretch of white sand, a row of shady trees, a row of rocks as a base for blue sea waves and the beauty of the sunset and sunrise is indeed able to bewitch anyone who visits Mutiara Beach so that it is often used as an escape for residents to entertain themselves from activities. boring.

In addition to natural facilities that are naturally available, such as the beach on Rote Island or other beaches in Eastern Indonesia on Mutiara Beach, it also provides various public facilities that make visitors feel more at home relaxing like a typical tourist cottage at low prices managed by the Serbaini family.

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Other facilities are also provided by the manager in the form of prayer rooms, directional signs, bathrooms, large parking areas to rows of traders and restaurants that are famous for their cuisine. seafood which is typical especially 88 restaurants.

Entrance ticket prices at Pantai Mutiara

To be able to enter Mirror Beach with its amazing natural beauty is IDR 8,000 per person where this price is a fantastic price with a million charms of coral, white sand, blue waves and much more that can be enjoyed 24 hours every day so that visitors have plenty of time to relax while the parking fee will be charged IDR 2,000-IDR 5,000.

For the beach which is located on the eastern outskirts of Medan, the location is not far from other beaches because it is a coastline such as Pantai Cermin, Bali Lestari Beach, Wong Rame Beach, Cemara Beach with a route taken for 45 minutes from downtown Medan.

Details of the location of this Mutiara beach are located in Pantai Cermin District, precisely in Kota Pari Village, Serdang Begadai Regency, Medan which can be reached from Medan city via Jalan Guru Patimpus Medan then take a left to Jalan Putri Hijau, turn right to Jalan Putri Hijau II, and turn right again to Jalan Putri Merak Jingga.

Once on Jalan Putri Jingga, approximately 1 km, you take the Perintis Kemerdekaan road then go straight through 2 roads then turn right onto the Belmera Toll Road and finally select Jalan Lintas Timur when you arrive at a forked road.

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Tourism Object on Pearl Beach

1. Serbaini beautiful cottage

This beautiful beach that is managed by the Serbaini family not only shows the natural beauty and clarity of the sea waves, but also available rest huts with rental prices from IDR 25,000 to IDR 30,000 while on holidays from IDR 30,000 to IDR 40,000 with meeting room facilities or large hall at a separate price.

2. Free karaoke

In addition to the entry price of only Rp. 8,000 per person and the rest hut which is only Rp. 25,000 to Rp. 40,000, this beach, especially in the huts, also offers free karoke so that family and family holidays become even closer and more memorable.

3. Spot the sunrise and sunset

Located in front of the busy Malacca Strait, this beach presents beautiful sunrises and sunsets to the west of the island in Indonesia, especially because of its location which is far from crowds and noise, making Mutiara Beach look even more exotic.

4. Spot photos

Blessed with natural beauty, rows of exotic trees and a little soft grass, sand and rows of coral reefs as well as vintage seating makes this beach one of the best spots in its position as a beautiful place with a stunning sunrise and sunset.

5. Children’s play area

Not only comfortable for young people, travelers and the elderly, this beach is also friendly for children with the presence of a unique playground. Unique here because the playground is made from used and natural materials such as swings from used tires or wood which make the holiday even more exotic.

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The beach, which is managed by the Serbaini family, is indeed very fitting to be used as a means of family vacation because in addition to its less friendly place, the exotic beaches and the availability of lodging huts and typical 88 seafood restaurants are also the main recommendations for family vacation spots.


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