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Recreation is a spiritual need for all mankind. Especially for those of you who are always busy with a variety of activity agendas and many activities. Having a lot of work and lack of recreation results in decreased health, stress, fatigue, and depression. For that, recreation and a moment of fun are highly recommended for you.

The choice of recreation areas varies greatly, from zoos, mountains, lakes, city parks, playgrounds, hills, to beaches. Of these choices, nature is indeed an excellent choice for recreation. The reason is that nature is able to refresh tired souls and help restore energy due to fatigue.

Marina Semarang Beach

The beach is one of the favorite destination choices, for recreation and fun to refresh yourself. Is Marina Beach, one of the charming and popular beaches in Semarang.

This beach is very famous among the people of Central Java and its surroundings. Marina Beach is often part of the must-visit Semarang tourist list. Not without reason, of course this beach offers many things. Marina Beach is located at Jl. Yos Sudarso, PRPP Tawang Sari Complex, Semarang, Central Java Province.

Ticket prices at Marina Semarang Beach

To enter the Marina Beach area, visitors will be asked for a fee or entrance ticket. Simply by spending Rp. 3,000.00 you can enjoy the charm of this beach with all its beach activities.

In addition, you will also be charged a parking fee, please pay IDR 2,000 for two-wheeled vehicles and IDR 5,000 for four-wheeled vehicles. This cost is very affordable, right?

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This beach is precisely located at the northern tip of Semarang City. It only takes half an hour, you can find this beach quickly. Moreover, it is supported by easy access and smooth asphalt road conditions that are free of obstacles.

If you are a resident of Yogyakarta and want to travel to the marina beach, then please pass Tugu Muda. Go west, keep going straight until you reach the Kali Banteng Roundabout area. Continue the journey, go straight until you find a gas station then take a left and keep going until you find a signpost to Marina Beach. Follow along and you will be there soon.

If you come from Pekalongan City, then the right road to go through is the main road that goes east, just go straight, until you pass the Ronggowarsito Museum, then turn left towards Jalan Martadinata, after seeing the signpost to PRPP, follow the direction of the road sign. If you feel you don’t know the direction, immediately ask the local people. They will be happy to show it.

Marina Semarang Beach Tourism Object

Marina Beach offers lots of fun things to do. Its cleanliness is always maintained, making visitors more comfortable and at home having recreation there. No half-hearted, every certain period even the manager deliberately closes the beach for the sake of clean beach activities that are always carried out regularly.

Marina Beach Tourism Object is also equipped with various adequate facilities, so you don’t have to worry about doing fun beach activities. Then, what can be done on this beach?

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1. See the Sunset

Sunset Marina is one of the main attractions of this beach. If you are lucky, at the end of the beach you will see a sunset that is colored like a golden egg yolk in a perfect circle disappearing slowly over the horizon. This sight was extremely rare. Sunset Marina is also often the perfect backdrop for shooting.

2. Photo Hunting

Lots of people who come to this beach to take pictures and compete to upload them on social media. There are many spots on Marina Beach that are very suitable for photography backgrounds. Beautiful bridges, fine white sand, lush green trees, coupled with gazebos around the beach are also very supportive when used as a pre-wedding photo backdrop.

3. Swimming and Playing Sand

Marina Beach waves are not heavy. Visitors are allowed to swim. If you are not good at swimming, there are also buoy tire rentals available. If you are tired of swimming, you can play in the sand, make castles from beach sand, write in the sand, or you can also take a sand bath with friends and family. It must be a lot of fun.

4. Culinary Tour Ala Marina

Lots of family restaurants and restaurants around this beach. Processed seafood at the restaurant around Marina Beach is known to have a winning taste because it is cooked by chefs who are experts in their fields. Shrimp, various kinds of fish, crab, shellfish, squid, lobster, all processed in such a way as to create Marina’s distinctive taste.

5. Traveling by boat

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If traveling on Marina Semarang Beach, don’t miss the adventure around by boat. On this beach a boat rental has been provided to take visitors to enjoy the surrounding scenery, see the blue sea, mangrove trees, dragon fruit gardens around the coast, and others. Just pay Rp. 5,000.00 you can go around and around enjoying the charm of Marina.

That’s about the various fun things that can be done at Marina Semarang Beach. The beach is clean, beautiful and enchanting. The beautiful nature is able to make the visitors feel refreshed. So, do you have a destination for fun and recreation? If not, then marina beach can be the right choice for you.


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