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Marina Anyer Beach is a marine tourist destination that should be one of the places for your visit. This tourist destination is suitable for filling various types of your vacation. With a view that pampers your eyes and an atmosphere to get rid of your fatigue, Marina Anyer Beach is visited by many local and international tourists.

This beach is located in Karang Suraga Village, Cinangka District, Serang, Banten, Indonesia. This beach is one of the beaches located in Java Island. The distance you have to travel to reach this beach is 137km. To get to this beach, you have to travel for two or three hours from the center of Jakarta by private vehicle.

Entrance ticket prices at Marina Anyer Beach

Entering this tourist destination you have to pay your entrance ticket, which is IDR 15,000 / person on weekdays and can reach IDR 25,000 / person on weekends for motorized vehicles. For cars or four-wheeled vehicles it can reach IDR 50,000 / person to IDR 100,000 / person. To get from the price of IDR 250,000 / person to IDR 500,000 / person

Marina Anyer Beach is located on the west side of the island of Java. Located in one of the developed business districts and cities. Therefore, access to the marina beach has become the government’s attention. The terrain that you will travel to if you want to vacation on this beach will not be too difficult when compared to other beaches located in the south of Java Island.

The route that will be followed is not rocky. The road is already on smooth asphalt as a form of government attention to this tourist destination. This beach is one of the popular tourist destinations, so even though the roads are smooth, traffic problems often occur, especially during the holiday season.

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For those who are going to this beach for the first time will have no trouble. Many street signs and road signs are posted far from the place to facilitate tourists. This beach is also registered on google maps so that it will be even easier for tourists to find this beach.

Too bad the location of this beach is on a different island from Bali. This beach is on the island of Java. Getting here requires air and land travel. The trip will take some time because it is quite far. First we have to travel by plane first as the fastest route to get to the island of Java.

The starting point at the central airport of Bali is Ngurah Rai International Airport. You have to take a travel package to Jakarta. To be precise, go to Soekarno-Hatta Airport or Halim Perdana Kusuma Airport. You are free to choose where you will land, Soekarno-Hatta Airport or Halim Perdana Kusuma Airport. From Jakarta you have to travel overland by land vehicle.

The road trip will take about two hours and forty minutes (under normal road conditions). It is 143 km away based on the fastest route google maps. If you use a motorized vehicle, you can travel less time because it avoids traffic jams.

If you don’t want to use an airplane, you can also travel by land and sea transportation. First you have to board a boat from Gilimanuk Harbor in Bali. Crossing the ocean to anchor at the Ketapang port. The location of the ketapang port and the marina beach are at the ends of the island of Java.

The distance is far enough to make the trip take a long time. By using land transportation, you can take up to one full day to get to the marina beach. This route takes more time than the other routes.

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Tourism Object on Marina Anyer Beach

Am I this beach attraction? here are some tourist objects that you can enjoy there.

1. Spot the best Water Game

The beach in Anyer has various types and names of beaches. But this beach is a different and special one. This beach offers the most complete and best water games compared to other beaches in the Anyer area. If you really want to do this beach water game, you must visit.

Some examples of games available on this beach are Parasailing. Is a game where tourists can use a parachute that is pulled by speed boat. You need to spend IDR 200,000 for each trip.

Thundercats Boat, is a game using an inflatable boat. Almost like a banana boat, but this boat has an engine. The shape of the boat is like two banana boats combined with a wide deck. This game can be played up to four people. With a price of IDR 200,000 for each trip

Mable, is a water vehicle that can make tourists float on the water with a mattress made of rubber. This mattress has various types of shapes, namely squares, triangles, semicircles, backs, wings, and others. This game can be played by three people and costs IDR 150,000 for fifteen minutes of play.

Banana boat as the most popular game is also available. An engine-less inflatable boat that was towed with speed boat this can be played by five people for the maximum number. Called a banana boat because of the boat shape that resembles a banana. For fifteen minutes of play you need to pay IDR 150,000

2. Best Spot to Stay

For tourists or foreign and local tourists who want to spend several days on vacation at this beach, you don’t need to feel bothered. In the vicinity of this coastal area, there are various types of resorts or inns to choose from. You can adjust the price and needs. This is because the additional facilities at the marina beach are the most complete compared to other beaches

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This beach is a beach that has been modernized and has developed its full potential. So that the location of the resort on the marina beach area is not too far from the beach. Access to various tourist destinations is easier. It is suitable for those of you who want to have the experience of staying in the beach area

3. The Best Sand Play Spot

Not only does it have complete facilities and water games, the marina beach also has a view that is no less amazing to attract tourists. The sand of the marina beach is white so it is very comfortable to play with sand for children and adults.

4. Beach Browsing Spot

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Marina Beach has a fairly safe coastline. So that it will make it easier for tourists if they want to just take a walk to enjoy the scenery through the coastline. The marina beach also has a break water to absorb waves. This makes tourists not have to worry about being swept away by the waves.

5. Spot the most complete facilities

Marina beach provides the most complete facilities for tourists. Resorts and villas of various prices are available. In addition, other public facilities such as docks, bathrooms, toilets, and prayer rooms are also available so that those of you who are diverse in Islam don’t have to have trouble finding a place of worship. There is also a café and a hall.

Vacationing to this beach is really fun. You can try various natural attractions so that you can color your holiday with friends and family.



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