Pantai Mandiri – Ticket , Routes, Photos, Visitor Reviews

The beach is a place that is used as a destination for traveling with family or friends. When you are going to visit the beach, this Mandiri Beach is one of the recommended places for you to visit.

This is because the beach is different – from other beaches located around Lampung, this beach has black sand. In addition, you can swim freely because there are no coral reefs.

Entrance ticket prices at Mandiri Beach

The price of admission to Mandiri Beach is free. However, you will be charged a retribution fee of IDR 2,000 to IDR 10,000 depending on the type of vehicle you are driving.

Route to Mandiri Beach Location

Pantai Mandiri is located in Mandiri Sejati Village, Krui Selatan District, Pesisir Barat Regency. This beach is about 11 km from the city center in Krui. If you are passing through the city of Bandar Lampung, you can choose from the western or central route. The route recommended to you is the western passage through the Tanggamus area.

Another alternative route is through Kota Agung, the route is Bandar Lampung and then to Pringsewu, Kota Agung. After that you will arrive at Bengkunat and arrive at Mandiri Beach. The journey is long, but you are guaranteed to be satisfied with the beautiful natural panorama of Pantai Mandiri.

Access to Mandiri Beach is also very easy and can be reached by public transportation such as buses. The initial start is from Rajasaba Terminal, you can choose, if you use travel the fare is 120 thousand while using the bus the fare is 80 thousand.

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If you depart from Bakauheni port you can take a bus bound for Krui, but if there is no one then you are advised to go to Rajabasa Terminal first. After that, you can take transportation with the aim to the West Coast.

Tourism Object on Mandiri Beach

The following are some of the attractions that you can enjoy while visiting Mandiri Beach:

1. Not Found Coral Reefs

Mandiri Beach is a beach that is different from the others. This is because Mandiri Beach has several features, one of which is that there are no corals on the beach so you can be satisfied playing with sea water.

Therefore, this beach is also very suitable for swimming and bathing in sea water. However, you and your family must remain vigilant and careful for safety because this beach has high waves.

2. Enjoying the Sunset at Mandiri Beach

The sunset view in the afternoon also colors the beauty of Mandiri Beach. Incidents like this are very special because not everywhere you will find sunsets that seem to appear over the Indian Ocean.

3. Enjoying Sunrise at Mandiri Beach

For those of you who come from outside the city, you can rent an inn so that the next day you can enjoy the sunrise atmosphere on this exotic beach.

4. Facilities provided around the beach

Some of the facilities available include toilets, showers, prayer rooms, food stalls and others.

5. Lodging area

Around the beach there are several inns that cost between 100,000 and 500 thousand for one night. Visitors are free to choose lodging around the beach so they can enjoy the sunset in the afternoon.

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6. Areas Suitable for Surfing

This beach is famous for its high waves so it attracts foreign tourists to channel their hobby of surfing.

7. Independent Beach Has Black Sand

Unlike other beaches in Lampung, Mandiri Beach has black sand. On the edge of the beach the waves mix with the sand so that it is a little blackish brown. But the original beach is clear sea water, clean and not yet polluted.

8. Surf Camps

You can find a surf camp on the south coast. The function of a surf camp is as a place to stay for surfers during a visit to Mandiri Beach.

Well, those are some of the attractions that you can enjoy during your visit to Mandiri Beach. You are guaranteed to be satisfied enjoying the beautiful panorama while on the beach. Even the facilities are complete and the beach is also clean so it is very comfortable to visit. Therefore, when you visit Lampung, this place is highly recommended for you to visit.


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