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Indonesian nature is one of the best. No wonder so many tourists from abroad who come all the way to be able to see it. Yep! It was because they couldn’t find such beauty in their home country. So, we all have to be grateful for this gift of God. One way is to visit and keep it clean.

Is Kuncaran Beach, the edge of the Indian Ocean which is very charming and its beauty is maintained until now. The eyes widened with the white sand that was swept away by the foam of the waves, combined with the sunlight that seemed to warmly hug anyone who came. Are you curious about this tourist attraction? Follow the next discussion!

Entrance ticket prices at Kuncaran Beach

In order to enjoy the beauty of Kuncaran Beach, you are required to pay an entrance ticket of IDR 7,000. In addition, if you bring a private vehicle, the parking fee that must be paid is IDR 2,000 to IDR 5,000. A beautiful vacation with a low budget. This ticket price can be used at once to enter Ngudel beach. An advantage, two in one.

The address of Kuncaran Beach is Sindurejo Village Gedangan Malang, East Java. Adjacent to Ngudel Beach Tourism Object. The trip from the city takes approximately two hours. From the station, it is approximately 55 km. It is recommended to go by private vehicle huh! Besides being more economical, you also don’t have to worry about time constraints.

To be able to reach this place, you can pass a route that is on the JLS or the southern route. From Malang, you just go straight to Gondanglegi. After that, take the path that leads to the Balekambang area. Then go to Nganteb, and finally take the route to Sindurejo. Once you reach Sindurejo, look for the signposts to Kuncaran Beach.

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If you are confused and afraid of getting lost, take the time to ask the local people. Even though it is relatively new, the residents already know the existence of this beautiful beach. Or ask about the location of Ngudel Beach because it is still in the same area and the parking lot is in the same place.

Tourism Object on Kuncaran Beach

Not only can you enjoy its beauty, you can do many beach-style activities here. What are they?

1. Fishing Spot

For fishing mania, good news for you that this beach is friendly for anglers. If traveling with family, fathers and brothers can spend time fishing. Prepare hooks and equipment from home, yes, because here does not provide fishing gear rental.

2. Selfies and Pre Wedding

Fun photos can not be left behind. Unfortunately, a view this good “for your eyes only”. The blue sand and water background will definitely make for an interesting photo. Taking pictures among the gradations of sea water should also be one of the recommended backgrounds. Upload on social media, certainly can make netizens amazed by its charm.

Even for those of you who want to do pre wedding photos, this beach is perfect. A photo of a pair of beach children, for example, or with an adventure theme, can also be prewed photos with the theme of nature and people, vintage, and others.

3. Playing Sand

Not only children, you who in fact are adults can also play in the sand. The beach sand is so soft and white. Make a pool – a pool or make a sand castle too! Burying half of your body in the sand while braving the heat is also worth a try, you know!

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4. Enjoy the Sunset

Sunset hunters, please come to Kuncaran Beach in droves. If the weather supports it, you can watch the perfect sunset. Combined with the orange sky in the afternoon with the waves and the breeze will surely be one moment that is a pity to miss.

5. Sunrise

Lovers of the morning sun, please come before dawn. Watch the dawn rise to the surface, manly and warmly. At the same time you can sunbathe. The morning sun until nine o’clock is very good for the skin. You will also become more prepared and excited about the day.

6. Walks along the coastline

Because the waves are not calm, you can’t swim, but you can still play water by walking on the beach. Kuncaran Beach has a long coastline. Walking from one end to the other with the closest person while chatting or joking will definitely improve the quality of the relationship.

7. Camping

It’s incomplete without camping. To be able to enjoy the beach to its full potential, you can set up a tent on the beach. Coming from morning to morning again may not be satisfied. But at least you can do so many things already. Even at night you can do milky way photography style photos with millions of stars in the sky and moon.

8. Picnic by the beach

Another fun thing to do here is a picnic. Bring supplies from home with friends or family. Lay out the mat and serve food. Complete with a soft drink and a few pieces of tropical fruit. Enjoy your own culinary on the beach, there will definitely be a sensation of your own and more fun.

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9. Playing Kites

The breeze of Kuncaran Beach in the afternoon is great for kite flying. You can fly it here. However, bring your own kite from home! Nobody sells it here.

10. Refreshing

It is imperative to refresh your mind after continuous work and coping with many problems. One of the best therapy is going to this beach. Moreover, Kuncaran beach is still quiet, so you can really have quality time with yourself. The green trees and hills, combined with the white sand that makes the feet more relaxed, and the blue latrine as far as the eye can see, must be perfect.

Wow, there are so many interesting activities and spots on this beach? The beach that is still quiet and clean will provide a truly soothing and relaxing view. So, for those of you who are too late and want to play with nature, go to Kuncaran Beach.


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