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If you want to spend a weekend in Hawaiian-style marine tourism, but with a minimal budget, you can visit the coconut beach in Tuban, East Java. This beach is a beach tourist destination surrounded by various coconut trees. In addition, this beach is also known as the panyuran beach, which at first glance is similar to the beach landscape in Hawaii.

Coconut beach, has a line length of up to 60 KM with a variety of natural marine tourism, especially beaches. Lots of plants such as pine mangroves or mangroves thrive. Intrigued by the continuation of the beauty uriaan? Immediately, consider the full explanation below.

Entrance Ticket Prices on Coconut Beach

Regarding the price of the entrance ticket, it can also be said to be cheap. It is enough to spend Rp. 3,000 for each person on regular days and for holidays it is usually double.

But take it easy, the ticket price is still fairly reasonable. Meanwhile, the parking fee is IDR 2,000 for each motorbike and IDR 5,000 for cars and IDR 10,000 for buses. Tuban coconut beach is open from 07.00 am to 05.00 pm.

The route or address of the coconut beach is not too difficult to find. This beach is located right in the Lamongan district. The place is in Pangeran village, Palang District, Tuban, East Java. As for the location, the location is 5 km from the city center towards the east and 300 meters to the north side of the Highway.

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You only need to pass the road from the direction of Tuban to Lamongan or vice versa if you come from the local area or Tuban. And if you come from the direction of Semarang or Rembang then you can follow Jalan Pantura Surabaya until you pass the Central Java and East Java Border.

Continue your journey straight to follow the road towards Lamongan. If you are from Semarang then you can pass the northernmost route in East Java province. You can use the fastest route for about 5 hours of travel. While on the way, you will pass various other tourist attractions such as Sowan beach, Remen beach and other beaches along this 65 KM coastline.

Tourism Object on Kelapa Beach

1. Unique and Interesting Scenery

As I explained earlier, where does this coconut beach provide a landscape like the beaches in Hawaii. For that, of course you will get a separate experience.

The difference in beautiful landscapes certainly makes the public and traveling fans curious, so it’s no wonder that many flock to coconut beaches.

2. Existence of Mangrove Plants

Mangrove plants around the beach are also one of the attractions of this Kelapa beach. The tourists will certainly get a different experience when enjoying the beautiful mangrove trees around the beach. That is, if you have the opportunity to come to Kelapa beach, don’t forget to capture the most beautiful moments near the mangrove forests.

3. Enjoying the expanse of sand

Playing in the sand along the beach is really fun. You can also get this when you visit Kelapa beach. The beautiful scenery and attractive stretch of sand will certainly make your tour even more memorable.

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4. Enjoy the Shady Pine Tree

Around the coconut beach there are lots of shady pine trees so that it makes the impression beautiful and there even if you come during the day. You can sit along the beach and enjoy the food that is prepared from home.

It is certainly very pleasant to see you can enjoy the beautiful scenery in front of your eyes and enjoy the food that is already prepared.

5. Enjoying Culinary Tours around the Beach

If you are satisfied with the empathy for the beautiful expanse of the Kelapa beach, don’t forget to put yourself in tasting the delights of Pamekasan’s typical Kelapa beach food. Lots of people selling around the beach, you can taste a variety of delicious and affordable culinary offerings. This will make your vacation more enjoyable.

6. Photo Hunting Around the Beach

The next interesting thing you can do is take photos around the beach. The existence of this beautiful scenery will be a shame if you miss it. For that, don’t forget to capture how many beautiful moments are with relatives and dear partners.

7. Enjoy the Sunset

Finally, don’t forget to enjoy the beautiful sunset on Kelapa beach. This moment is too bad to miss. Don’t forget to also leave a trail of selfies with the camera you brought with you!

That’s the information about Kelapa Beach which might become one of the favorite destinations when on vacation in Tuban. Have a good vacation!


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