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Kayu Arum Beach is located in Kanigoro Village, Saptosari District, Gunung Kidul Regency, Yogyakarta. The location of this beach is actually not far from Baron Beach to be precise to the west. In addition, this beach also looks small but still shows its amazing natural beauty.

Kayu Arum Beach is classified as an unspoiled beach and there are still many who know of its existence. Most of the people who like to go to this beach are young people who just take a walk and explore the sea area in Gunungkidul. So, this beach is relatively quiet, especially for weekdays or other than holidays.

Price of admission

The entrance ticket to Kayu Arum Beach is IDR 10,000 per person, which is often referred to as an entrance fee for the coastal area including for the surrounding beaches such as Ngobaran, Nguyahan, Ngrenehan and others. This fee is collected when they arrive at Baron beach because it is already in one lane and the location is close together.

For visitors who bring private vehicles, both motorbikes and cars, will be parked around the beach which is managed by local residents. This is due to the fact that the local government has not carried out the optimal management of the Kayu Arum beach area. The parking fee is IDR 5,000.

Access to Kayu Arum Beach can use any vehicle, either motorbike or car. Usually, visitors’ vehicles are parked at Baron Techno park. If you depart from Yogyakarta, you can pass Wonosari – Bukit Patuk Gunung Kidul. When you arrive at the T-junction before Baron beach, take a right turn. Then visitors can walk to Kayu Arum beach through the bush and forest.

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More details if from Yogyakarta you can pass the Ketandan Ringroad – Sampaan Intersection – Piyungan – Bukit Bintang – Sambipitu Fruit Market – Bunder Forest – Gading Intersection – Air T-junction turn left towards Wonosari – Pemda Wonosari – Wonosari Market – T-junction before Polres to the right – Jl Baron – Karangrejek – Mulo – Kemiri – Kemadang until the market goes straight to the levy collection point and a T-junction before Baron beach take a right turn then go towards Parang Racuk beach (Baron Technopark) then get to Kayu Arum beach.

Interesting thing

1. Suitable As A Fishing Spot

For visitors who like the world of fishing this beach can be used as an alternative. There you can see many types of fish, both large and small in the sea near the coast. In addition, you can see many other marine animals such as octopus, jellyfish, and so on. However, visitors must still be careful in order to maintain their own safety.

2. Can Be A Camping Place

Although this beach is quite small and narrow, it can still be used as a camping spot with friends and small family. It is better if visitors bring their own camping equipment and necessities because no one is there to provide them. Of course, camping must keep the beach clean to keep it beautiful and natural.

3. Clean White Sand Beach

Kayu Arum Beach has white and clean sand because it is still very natural, there is no waste or garbage scattered on the beach. That is because there are still few visitors who come to this beach. This condition can be used by visitors to just play sand, volleyball, and others.

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Meanwhile, the sea on this beach looks blue, adding to the exoticism of the scenery around the coast. Such a view can be a special attraction for visitors to take selfies and take pictures of the beauty of the sea. Unfortunately, the ocean waves are so big that it requires visitors to be careful when playing water in the ocean and swimming is not recommended.

4. Surrounded by Rocks

On either side of Kayu Arum beach, there are hills and rocks that adorn the surrounding landscape. Big and sharp rocks add to the exotic sound of the big crashing waves. Even so, these rocks can be used as photo spots for visitors, especially for those who like selfies.

5. Temporary Tour Tracking

The journey to Kayu Arum beach from Baron Technopark is quite difficult because it passes through a slippery path. In addition, there are also several small hills that must be traversed, so that a visitor’s journey becomes like trekking. Therefore, visitors should use anti-slip shoes or sandals to maintain safety.

The distance from Baron to Kayu Arum beach is actually not far, only about 100 meters. During the trip, visitors will be accompanied by the sound of birds chirping, thereby increasing the enthusiasm of the visitor’s journey. When you hear the waves crashing, that’s where the beach is getting closer.

6. Scenery Sunrise and Sunset

Visitors will still be able to enjoy the view sunrise and sunset although have to walk a bit from Kayu Arum beach to Baron Technopark. There, visitors can clearly see the view of the sunrise with its bright rays as well as when it sets, which makes the sky yellowish and orange.

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7. Specific practice sites

Kayu Arum Beach is often used as a place for certain training such as mapala and the like. Indeed, the location and route to get to this beach is perfect for experience training. Like having to pass through hills, agricultural fields, and steep and muddy roads, it is a challenge for visitors to Kayu Arum Beach.

So are a few reviews about Kayu Arum Beach which can be a solution or alternative for your natural tourism. This Kayu Arum Beach Tour is very cheap and exotic, so it can be reached by every group of employees, students, and so on.


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