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You may be tired of traveling to beaches that are dominated by white sand. Then, look for which beaches can present a different panoramic sensation. Try to come to Karang Songsong beach which is in the south of the Banten region, then you will find the difference. This beach is indeed different from other beaches because it is dominated by rocky rocks jutting into the open sea.

The origin of the name of this beach seems to have the meaning of “welcoming coral”. Even though it is dominated by rocky rocks, the beach area also still has white sand. The Karang Songsong beach tourist destination is located in the southern region of Banten province. Precisely located in Cibobos village, Karangkamulyan village, Cihara sub-district, Lebak district.

Price of admission

Apart from the exotic nature of the natural panorama and its beautiful location, there are other aspects that make this beach crowded. The aspect in question is the low cost of retribution, where the entrance ticket is only around Rp. 2,000, – Rp. 5,000 / person. Then, the parking fee set by the manager is only around IDR 2,000 / motorcycle and IDR 10,000 / per car. You can visit this beach every day, either weekday, weekend as well as national holidays.

Access and routes

The location of Karang Songsong beach is included in the Cibobos Forest Management Resort (RPH) area. You can visit here by using private vehicles such as motorbikes and cars.

The distance you have to travel from the city of Jakarta to get to Karang Songsong beach is 193.6 km. If converted into hours, the travel time you need is around 4-5 hours. Meanwhile, if you start your journey from the city of Tangerang, the travel time is around 3-4 hours and the distance is 171.2 km.

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Transportation that is highly recommended for you to use to the location is private vehicles, both motorbikes and cars. This is because the location of Karang Songsong beach which is in remote areas makes it difficult to access by public transportation. Besides that, you also have to drive carefully because the road access to this location is not very good. Besides not being very good, this route is also prone to accidents because there are many vehicles with large loads.

There are two paths that can be traversed to get to the location if you start your journey from Jakarta. The first is through the Jakarta-Merak toll road then exit at the East Serang toll gate. Then direct your vehicle to the Pangkupatan Serang terminal. Once you arrive at the Pangkupatan terminal, take the right direction towards Palima.

You will continue the journey from Palima to Baros. Then, you have to drive your vehicle towards Pandegelang. After arriving, take the path to Saketi which will take you at the intersection between the Malingping and Labuan lines. If your destination is Karang Songsong beach, then take the direction of Malingping.

The second route you can take is a non-toll road. If departing from Jakarta, then take the direction of Jalan Daan Mogot towards the Tangerang city area. Arriving in Tangerang city, you can take directions to Cimone. After arriving at Cimone, you can immediately head to Cikupa then Balaraja, Cikande to the city of Serang.

When you arrive at the Pakupatan terminal, then take the direction of Palima and turn left towards Baros to then head towards Pandegelang. On arrival at Pandegelang, you can take the Saketi line which will direct you to the intersection of Malingping and Labuan. Next, select the intersection towards Malingping, Lebak.

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The route to the Karang Songsong beach location is indeed very far and complicated. However, along the way your eyes will never stop being spoiled by the view of the south coast of the sea. Then, after arriving at the location, you will immediately be treated to a unique view of the rocks that dominate the beach area.

Tourist attraction

These are some of the tourist attractions on Karang Songsong beach that attract travelers.

1. Photographic tours

For you photography lovers, this beach seems to have its own charm. The charm of the coral jutting into the ocean and scattered on the shore will certainly be an interesting photo spot. Especially when the waves crashing against the rocks on the shore, the resulting photo composition will be better. You can also hunt down panoramic photos sunrise and sunset best in this location.

2. Fishing

The condition of Karang Songsong beach with rocky corals is not suitable for water sports such as jet skiing, banana boat and even just swimming. However, the existence of coral rocks jutting into the open sea is certainly ideal for fishing activities. Here, you can fish various kinds of fish and shrimp from the rock. However, when fishing you still have to be careful not to get too close to the edge of the reef because you risk falling.

3. Camping

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The beach is always an ideal location for activities camping apart from mountains. Besides the preparation is more simple, this activity will also present its own moment for you. If you want to forget about the dense city life and daily routine, then camping on Karang Songsong beach is a panacea.

This is because the view of the open sea, the sound of the waves and the beach air will help you relax. If you want to spend the night camping, you are advised to bring your equipment and logistics before heading to the location. Karang Songsong management does provide camping ground but does not rent equipment camping.

4. Forest Management Resort (RPH) Cibobos

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Karang Songsong Beach is located in the Cibodas Forest Management Resort (RPH) area. Thus, you can also visit the resort when you come to this beach. The Cibobos RPH has an area of ​​about 3 hectares. You can explore the forest on the edge of the beach and observe a variety of plants such as teak and mahogany and the fauna in them.

5. Play sand and water

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Even though it is dominated by coral reefs, you can still do light activities such as playing water and sand on the beach. Playing water here does not mean swimming because it is too risky because there are lots of rocky rocks scattered. You should just be on the edge of the beach while soaking or playing in the sand and feeling the waves that come.

6. Complete facilities

Even though the location is remote and the atmosphere is still quiet because it is not very popular, this beach already has various supporting facilities. Facilities that are available on this beach are in the form of bathrooms, trash cans in every corner, parking areas and lodging. You are advised to bring logistics in the form of your own food because there are still a few stalls here.

After knowing the various excitements that this marine natural tourism place has to offer, of course you have to try it directly to taste the beautiful scenery and excitement there. Don’t hesitate to come here with your loved ones.


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