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Malang has a variety of beaches that have unique characteristics too. Such as Banyu Anjlok beach with a waterfall directly into the sea, Bajul Mati Beach which has a myth about dead crocodiles on the beach, and Goa Cina beach whose name comes from a Goa used by Chinese monks to meditate. One more beach that has a unique name because it is Karang Bolong Beach.

The beach, which is located in Gajah Rejo village, has its own characteristic, namely a hollow rock. From this reef the name of this beach comes from. This beach is very remote and mysterious because not many people know of its existence. Therefore, its natural conditions are still beautiful.

In addition, finding the location is also fairly easy. But when you arrive at this beach, you will feel that you have arrived at a private beach because there are so few visitors. So, if you are interested in visiting this beach, let’s look at the following reviews.

Entrance Ticket Prices for Karang Bolong Beach Malang

Because it is remote and there are still few people who visit it, you don’t need to pay an entrance ticket to this beach area, aka free. All you need to prepare is gas money because it might be difficult to find the entrance to this beach.

Location and Route to Karang Bolong Beach Malang

Karang Bolong Beach is located in Gajahrejo Village, Gedangan District, Malang Regency, East Java Province. If from the city of Malang, the distance to Karang Bolong Beach is about 80 kilometers with a 3 hour journey. Bring a private vehicle because there is no public transportation here. From Malang city, go to TUren then to Gadang. Then go south to Bululawang District. Arriving at the Krebet Sugar factory junction, go straight to Sendang Biru District.

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From Sendang Biru, head towards Bajul Mati beach, until you arrive at the road to Batu Bengkung beach. Karang Bolong Beach is on one coastline with Batu Bengkung beach. So, to get to this beach, you must first know the location of Batu Bengkung beach. From Batu Bengkung beach, go west where the beach entrance is.

Access to Karang Bolong Beach is difficult and can only be accessed by two-wheeled vehicles. In fact, several times you have to pass through people’s fields and bridges that cross the river. So, don’t forget to often ask the locals about the entrance to this beach.

The trip to Karang Bolong Beach is very challenging and interesting, apart from the difficult access, you will also enjoy the view of the Macadam forest along the way. Keep your adventurous spirit when looking for this beach location. Arriving at Karang Bolong beach, you will see the beauty of the coral rocks that are hit by the waves complete with white sand on their lips.

Malang Bolong Beach tourism object

Even though it is relatively small, this beach still has many tourist attractions that can provide excitement, including the following:

1. Hollow coral

This beach is the same as the beach on the southern coast of the island of Java which has big waves and is ferocious. Even though there are several large rocks in the coastal area, the waves are still big. Therefore, it is not advisable to swim apart from the fierce waves. Even so, you can go see the rock with holes here. This coral is the characteristic of this beach. These hollow and sharp corals were formed naturally thanks to the crashing waves. This coral can be used as a background for you to take pictures.

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2. A quiet beach

Karang Bolong Beach is a beach that is still quiet. When he arrived, this beach seemed like private property because it was so quiet. If you meet other visitors, they are usually the tourists of Batu Bengkung beach. Because it is still quiet, you can be content playing on this beach. But remember, don’t swim because there is no manager who will help you if you are dragged by the waves.

3. Camping

Because it’s still quiet, so you can camp on this beach. That way you can enjoy the white sand with beautiful views of the coral and waves from noon until the next morning. Don’t forget that the sunset on this beach is quite beautiful because of the silhouettes of the rocks. If you want to camp, bring a private tent because there is no tent rental place here.

4. Pawonan beach

From this beach, you can explore the coastal area to Pawonan beach which is located next to this beach. Pawoan Beach is no less beautiful than Karang Bolong Beach.

5. Beach Coral skull

Besides Pawonan beach, from Karang Bolong Beach you can also go to Karang Skull beach. The route to this beach is also mysterious and raises your spirit of adventure. On this beach there are many corals that resemble skulls which are formed from coral and limestone rocks. You only need to cover a distance of about 300-400 meters from Karang Bolong.

That’s a review of Karang Bolong Beach. If you are interested in this beach, prepare your physical condition and vehicle because maybe several times you have to go around in circles while asking residents to get to this beach.

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