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Kebumen, is a regency located in the southern part of Central Java province. Its location is directly adjacent to the Indian Ocean, making it has a lot of natural tourist charm that is still beautiful, especially for tourist objects with beach themes. Yes, Kebumen Regency is indeed rich in beautiful and rocky beaches.

Many types of beaches are offered as tourist sites in Kebumen Regency. Many of these beaches are new beaches that are still beautiful, complete with challenging routes that are still quite wild and steep. Would you like to try one of them? Karang Agung Beach is suitable for those of you who like to travel fun and challenging.

Entrance ticket prices at Karang Agung Beach

As one of the new tourist locations that has not been fully managed by the local government of Kebumen Regency, Karang Agung Beach still does not have a portal that requires you to pay an entrance fee and so on. However, you only pay for the storage of vehicles at a shop near the Karang Agung Beach location.

Simply by paying IDR 5,000.00 you can follow the entrance route to the Karang Agung Beach location along with a parking ticket for your vehicle. The next trip you have to take by foot. Because this location is still relatively new and very, very beautiful and has not been facilitated by the intervention of the local government.

Karang Agung Beach is located in Ayah Subdistrict, Kebumen Regency, or precisely in Karang Duwur Village. Even though it is classified as a new tourist location that has not been fully facilitated, you can detect the location of the beach through google maps. This means that you can more easily reach beach locations.

The route you can take to reach Karang Agung Beach is divided into two routes, namely the eastern route and the western route. These two routes are the main routes most commonly used by tourists to reach Karang Agung Beach if they are going on a tour. Both of these routes have their own advantages and disadvantages.

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The first route is the eastern route, which goes through the Gombong – Karang Bolong – Pasir – Karang duwur – Agropeni route. The second route is the western route, which can be reached via Jalan Gambing – Rowokel – Pantai Ayah – Agropeni. If you want to visit Karang Agung Beach, you are advised to use a private vehicle because the frequency of public transportation is rare.

Apart from this route, you can also go to Agropeni village by taking the western route, via Kroya and Binangun. When you reach the T-junction, the straight line is the path to Widara Umbrella beach, and you have to take the route to the left, namely to Ayah beach (Lohgending). Next you will pass Ayah beach and also the Karst hilly area, and arrive at the parking location.

You can easily find the parking location for Karang Agung Beach, which is to the right of the main road you are going through. This parking location is also easy to find, because there are directional banners provided. This parking location is in the form of a local shop which is only available on that lane.

If other beaches have parking locations or vehicle storage locations that are close to tourist sites, Karang Agung Beach is a little different. To reach the location of Karang Agung Beach, you have to trek through Perhutani’s teak forest path by walking 1 kilometer. It is recommended not to do trekking in the rain, because it is quite dangerous.

The location of Karang Agung Beach is still not possible to be reached using two-wheeled or four-wheeled vehicles. Because the trekking route is still clay and quite slippery when the rainy season comes.

Tourism Object on Karang Agung Beach

Even though it is remote, there are many activities that you can do while in this Karang Agung Beach tourist location. Want to know what natural charms and activities you can do at Karang Agung Beach which is famous for its large coral icon? Let’s look at the following tourist attractions on Karang Agung Beach:

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1. Visiting the Icon of Karang Agung Beach

The name Karang Agung is taken from the characteristic of this beach, where Karang Agung Beach has a high and sturdy rock, towering apart from the mainland of the coast. There is only one large rock, so it is dubbed the great coral. This rock is quite famous and has become an icon marking that you have come to Karang Agung Beach.

2. Enjoy the beauty of exotic beaches

Karang Agung Beach has quite exotic views compared to others, how come? This beach has a harmonious combination of green and brown from the teak forest as the entrance to Karang Agung Beach, with the striking blue color of the south coast and also the strong black color of the coral rocks that stand firmly on the edge of Karang Agung Beach.

3. Looking at the Sunset Enchantment of Karang Agung Beach

Karang Agung Beach also has an unusual sunset charm like the beaches in Kebumen district in general. This beach offers a stunning sunset view, like a magic hour. You can also enjoy the charm of this sunset from the top of the many rocks around the beach. Isn’t that interesting?

4. Swimming and Playing Water Together

Like other beaches, you can also enjoy sea water at Karang Agung Beach by swimming in the middle of the sea. Don’t worry about the south shore waves which are quite large, because the big waves have been broken by the rocks surrounding Karang Agung Beach, so this beach is quite safe if you want to swim to the middle of the sea.

For those of you who are still afraid or worried about the dangers of the waves, you can play water around the rocks on the edge of the beach in several parts of Karang Agung Beach. So it is quite safe for those of you who are afraid of being swept away by the waves. But we still have to pay attention to our level of awareness of all possibilities.

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5. Build a Sand Castle

Playing to the beach, incomplete without playing beach sand. If you visit Karang Agung Beach, you can also play with the beach sand and build sand castles. Although Karang Agung Beach has a lot of coral, some parts of the beach still have grayish white sand. Of course, there are also many sea animals that will accompany your sand castle.

6. Exploring Beaches and Forests Together

The location of Karang Agung Beach, which is located behind the hills of teak forests, makes this beach quite challenging to explore. While on the beach you can also do tracking in the forest close to the shoreline. Besides that, the location which is quite remote will also make your adrenaline more stimulated than usual.

7. Unique Camping Ala Karang Agung Beach

Now, if you want to feel another sensation when enjoying the enchanting atmosphere of Karang Agung Beach, you can build tents and camp on the beach near the teak forest. Enjoy the night atmosphere which is quite thick with the beautiful twinkling stars. Minimal light pollution will make you feel like you are entering another world.

Pretty tempting, right? Although this one beach is remote and has not been reached by many visitors, it is a special attraction that cannot be found on other beaches. So, don’t miss the unforgettable sensation of playing and traveling to Karang Agung Beach, Kebumen.


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