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Long Beach is often used by tourists and the local community. There is a Sport Center there so that people can do sports activities such as beach volleyball, walking and surfing. In the morning and evening the beach will usually be filled with people jogging on the beach. The waves on Panjang Beach are widely used by visitors for surfing. Long Beach in Bengkulu has many facilities including restaurants, cafes, inns, play areas, shopping centers, and sports facilities. . At that time, my community and I toured to Bengkulu and traveled to the long beach, the scenery was really good. . To get to the location of Panjang Beach, there are various kinds of transportation facilities available in the center of Bengkulu City. Various kinds of transportation facilities are available, from public transportation to rental vehicles. Panjang Beach can be reached as far as 3 km from the center of Bengkulu City. The route is Jl.Fatmawati – Jl.Ratu Agung – Jl.Samudra – Jl.Parawisata.


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